Spring Virtual Tradeshow coming May 4-9

I’m so excited to announce today a special Spring Virtual Tradeshow that will be happening this May 4-8 (Monday – Friday).

YOU are invited to come join in the fun!

Details of the Spring Virtual Tradeshow coming May 4-9

What is a “virtual tradeshow”?

Since all actual trade show events around the country have been cancelled, a group of 11 fabulous vendors are putting on a special online trade show event. Instead of booths and tables, all the vendors will present their small businesses and products from their homes!

Where can I join this virtual event?

This event will be held on a special facebook group. Click here to request to join the Tradeshow Facebook Group. Feel free to share, invite your friends, and spread the word. The more the merrier! 

How does an virtual tradeshow event work?

Every day, each of the 11 ladies will have an hour time slot where she will present the company she works with. It will be a variety of presentations. Some will be live videos and others picture posts.  If you are interested in a particular product or company, you can tune in each day during that time slot to see all the action! I guarantee you’ll learn all kinds of helpful information. If you choose to buy something, you’ll also be supporting another woman’s small business.

There will also be 2 GIVEAWAYS throughout the tradeshow week. Anyone who has purchased from any of the vendors will be entered into a draw to win a $100 shopping spree with the online event!

Other giveaways and events may be taking place on the vendor’s own Facebook group pages, which offers even more chances to win fun door prizes!

Who are the “vendors” of this event?

I’m so glad you asked! We have a group of really fun and fabulous ladies taking part in this event. You’ll want to get to know them more. Here they are:

1. Brenda with Silver Icing Clothing

Presentation Time: 2-3 pm

“I have a passion for helping women see their worth! As a Pastor I get the privilege to walk out many paths with women; and I have always found fashion is one way women can begin to see their worth so have always found it satisfying! As a Mom become Grandma become adoptive mama I found time wasn’t my friend! So my retail therapy job wasn’t to be and after some trial and error online clothes shopping I found this amazing BC woman run online shopping experience like none other! Brand names, daily presale deals… come and see!!”- Brenda

Click here for Brenda’s Website (Sales available for Canada and US)

2.  Heather with Stella & Dot

Presentation time: 3-4

“I love STYLE, fashion and our latest category, clean and results based skincare! I’ve been with Stellla & Dot for 11 years and have loved every minute!”- Heather

Click here for Heather’s Website (Sales available for Canada and US)

3.Cheryl with Norwex

Presentation time: 4-5

Cheryl joined Norwex in 2015 and has been educating people via Facebook Parties all across Canada! She promoted to Executive Sales Leader last year and is building a team to help get the word out about Norwex. Currently it is only in 2% of homes across North America, so there’s lot of room for more educators to help people kick chemicals to the curb and create that Safe Haven in their own home.

Click here for Cheryl’s Website (Sales available for Canada only.)

4. Ester with Epicure

Time of presentation: 1-2

Ester has been an Independent Epicure Consultant for the past 4 years. She loves to share with her customers the exciting and innovatiive experience that Epicure brings to the kitchen. It’s Simple, Fast & Delicious! Ester’s Epicure Experience: Where Your Satisfaction is my Concern!

Click here for Ester’s website (Sales available for Canada and US)

5. Allison with Tupperware

Time of presentation: 9-10

“I love being organized and Tupperware helps me do that! It’s not just bowls anymore! I’ve been a Consultant for almost 4 years and love how Tupperware has inter-generational appeal!”-Allison

Click here for Allison’s website (Sales available for Canada only.)

6. Rita with Harbour Breeze Home (This is me!!;)

Time of presentation: 6-7

Rita Joy is a lifestyle and home decor blogger at Harbour Breeze Home. She loves to inspire women to live creatively every day with easy DIYs and crafts, recipes, home decor, and fashion tips.

Click here for Rita’s Etsy Shop (Sales available for everywhere!)

(You are on her blog now!)

7. Andrea with Beautycounter

Time of presentation: 7-8

Andrea is a wife and mother of two. She enjoys living an active lifestyle and has always had a passion for health. Three years ago she joined Beautycounter. It is a mission based business to get safer products into the hands of everyone. ‘Formulate, advocate, & educate’—that’s Beautycounter’s motto for creating products that truly perform while holding themselves to unparalleled standards of safety. Beauty should be good for you, and Andrea loves that she can use her career in education to teach others new ways to improve their health.

Click here for Andrea’s website (Sales available for Canada and US)

8.Jennifer with Young Living

Time of presentation: 10-11

“I’ve been on a journey to learn about how to heal myself naturally for 3 years. In that journey, I learned about botanical healing from Young Living. I’ve  been to 3 farms to learn the distilling process, and also do a massage technique that is for healing in so many levels.” – Jennifer

9.Wendy with GelMoment

Time of presentation: 5-6

Wendy discovered GelMoment while looking for an affordable way to DIY her own mani/pedi’s. She is a mom of 4 boys with 1 amazing grand daughter and lives on a busy cattle farm. Wendy has worked for the same orgaization providing services to Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities for over 31 years and recently became a Yoga Instructor. For the past 2 years she has loved sharing this non-toxic, quick, and easy DIY nail system. She loves inpiring women to practice self-love with self-care and beautiful nails.

Click here for Wendy’s website (Sales available for US and Canada)

10.Sorry this vendor is no longer able to attend.

11. Boni with Sipology

Time of presentation: 11-12

Boni has been a part of the Sipology by Steeped Tea community for almost 8 years! She always said she would never do a party based business, but realized that having tea with friends was just visiting (something she loves!) and that a job chatting with friends was the perfect fit for her. Having seen Sipology on Dragon’s Den, and knowing that 2 of the Dragons had invested in it, and publicly stated it’s the best investment they ever made, she knew Sipology was also a place to make a living. Now she has a large TEAm, and has loved helping other women find their passion, and make a difference in their families lives as well. Her TEAm was the top selling team in Canada for the last few months, and she has won many awards from the company. Boni is looking forward to introducing you to the best tasting loose leaf teas, matchas, and our popular Kombucha making kits!

Click here for Boni’s website (Sales available for Canada only)

Come join us!

We are so excited about this event! Although all of those who are participating live in Canada, we’re looking forward to having guests from all over the world!! Wherever you live, you are welcome and we can’t wait to see you there!

Click here to join the Virtual Tradeshow Event.

See you there!

Want a reminder of when all the excitment is starting? I’ll be announcing it in my newsletter if you’d like to join the list. You don’t want to miss a thing!


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  1. Very excited and honoured to be a part of this event. Can’t wait to share all of the amazing GelMoment products sans see what all of the other vendors have to offer.
    It will be a week no one should miss!

  2. This is going to be such a great virtual market. I’m so honoured to has been asked to attend and show case my love of botanical healing and so much more.

  3. I am so excited to have been asked to take part in this Spring Virtual Trade Show. I want to share with you how Epicure Products can simplify your everyday Life. Are you looking for Easy, Fast & Delicious Meal Solutions, that are Raw to Ready in 20 minutes? Epicure”s Good Food Real Fast can fill that need! Can not Wait…See You Soon !!!

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