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Sentimental Christmas Tree Decorations

The last time I chatted with you, I had just finally gotten the Christmas tree with red decorations decorated. It was Friday.

tree and one chair

Did you know that when a Christmas tree falls in your living room, it makes a soft “whooshing” sound???

Well, we know that first hand now.

I heard the noise early Saturday morning, and proceeded to go right back to sleep. I really thought it was just a poster falling off one of the boys’ walls…

My husband, however, walked into the room to discover a big ol’ mess. The tree was lying there face down with broken glass balls, tree needles, and water everywhere. Bless his heart, he had it all cleaned up to this point before I saw it…

fallen tree

The poor dishevelled thing…

So, out came the totes again. This time Irwin and the boys dug through all the ornaments. It was actually quite fun to hear them exclaim, “Oh, I remember this!”

On to the tree went all their fun, sentimental ornaments…



…and a few more things appeared around the room…

nesting snowmen

It was during this exercise that we realized the toppling tree caused problem #2.

Our satellite TV would no longer play the “Holiday Music” channel ~ or anything else, for that matter. It was crackling in and out just like it does when snow builds up on the satellite…but, alas, there was no snow!

While working through the issue with the tech man on the phone, my husband discovered the problem.

That extra, extra large tree stand filled with gallons of water had leaked through the floor and was dripping directly on to the satellite receiver in the basement below.

“Unplug it for a few days and see what happens…”, the optimistic tech man said.

“…It is just water, after all. If it were milk, however, I would tell you right now it’s toast.”

I guess he’s probably heard some pretty funny stories in his line of work.

{We’re still waiting to see if it has some life left in it…}

And this time, we’ve tied the tree to two walls!

tree 2

So far, so good!Smile

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  1. Oh, you have a crazy life. I love it. Good to know I'm not the only one out there having a wild ride through life…hugs to you, my friend.

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