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Christmas Around the House {The Rest of the Living Room and Dining Room}

I’ve been trying to get my Christmas decorating done since Monday.  I finally finished Friday.  Somehow, there just seemed to be a plethora of other pressing things to do…

When I finally got the totes out and got down to business, it didn’t really take too long.

After a busy week,  all my lofty plans and ideas ended up being scrapped and I focused on one word ~ “Simplify”!  I just decided to keep everything simple and use things that I had.

So, our living room went from “Summer Beach Cottage”

whole room keeper

To “Christmas by the Sea”

whole room

{Please pardon the poorly lit pictures. The weather didn’t cooperate with my time schedule.  I was prayin’ for blue sky and sunshine, but reality was gray sky and fog…}

tree and one chair

My wild red chairs fit right in at Christmas!:)

bookcase wall at christmas

I’m most excited about my Dining Room, though.  Not because of its amazing decor or anything, but for the fact that I can finally see the table!  A few days ago it looked like a tornado blew through…

whole dining room

dining room dresser

I tried my hand at a book page wreath a few weeks ago.  I wasn’t real happy with it at first, but it’s grown on me and seems to fit right in nestled up against that old chimney.

angel chime

This little spinning angel chime is the first ornament I remember as a little girl.  I’m all sentimental about it, and my boys like to try to make it fly around at breakneck speed…

chandelier bokeh

And as much as I could fuss and fiddle with decorations, this is going to be it for this Christmas.

Just “simple”.

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  1. Seriously – your book page wreath is adorable and original. I like the little rosette center! Your house looks beautiful!

  2. Having a little snoop around your house. As usual, looks cozy and many, many special touches. You have a real eye for decor. I am thinking you should start your own magazine. Miss U!!

  3. I must say, simplicity does look better than any other fancy ornaments. Your home place is looking amazing ! especially the Christmas touch !

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