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A few weeks ago, I had a Favorite Things party.  It was put together quickly with only 5 of us, but it was so much fun!  (If you’re wondering what a Favorite Things party is, I write all about it here.)  I just love to hear what people choose to share as one of their favorite things.  It always surprises me, no matter how well I think I know a person!

So, in the spirit of Favorite Things, I thought I’d share 5 of my favorite things (and all of them are under $10!).  If you’re still looking for small gift ideas for some ladies in your life, maybe this will help you out…

favorite things ps

1.Old dishes. ~ I’m sentimental about things, and old dishes just seem so charming to me.  You can find them all over the place (think thrift stores and garage sales…or E-bay!).  I like to look for dishes to use for holding things other than food ~ like soap dishes, toothbrush holders, or earring & bracelet holders.

2.  Bath salts ~ This is a new discovery to me.  I love them!  I’d been buying them in little containers, but just discovered a big ol’ bag of Amber Vanilla Epsom Salts for much cheaper (and it smells amazing!).  You could divide this up into pretty jars from the Dollar Store and have multiple gifts ready for giving!

3.  Good Quality Bar Soap ~ One of my friends told me she is always on the look out for good quality soap, because she thought it lasted so much longer.  I tried it out and agree!  A fellow shopper in the soap aisle told me to look for soap from France, Italy, or the US ~ as it is the very best quality.  I have no proof if that’s true or not, but, hey, it sounded good to me!  I tend to choose with my nose… (I find it in Winners or Homesense.) 

4. Lindt Dark Chocolate ~ My latest delicious discovery.  (Orange is my favorite flavour.)

5.  A Good Magazine ~ Although there are ideas gallore on the internet and Pinterest, there’s nothing that can replace a good ol’ magazine to snuggle up by the fire with.  I love the variety of projects and articles in HGTV magazine, and Country Living is another personal favorite.

Now it’s your turn ~ What are some of your favorite things?

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  1. You covered 4 of my favs. Instead of bath salts I’ll have candles. If you are feeling
    very decadent, next summer try dark chocolate ice-cream topped with orange sherbet in a sugar cone. Go to the best place you know and be prepared to walk it all off.

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