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DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Wreath for Christmas

Craft your own boho style living room home decor with this easy DIY macrame wall hanging wreath for the holiday season. This simple, fun project is perfect for even macrame beginners (like me!).

DIY macrame Christmas wreath wall hanging

I somehow missed the macrame craze in the 70s, and have been wanting to try a macrame project for years.

When a group of blogger friends asked if I wanted to be in a blog event where we each made a Christmas wreath, I knew I wanted to do an easy diy project. This boho macrame wall hanging wreath became the end result!

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If you want to do a fun project like this, here are all the details.

How to: Macrame Wall Hanging Wreath for Christmas

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Supplies needed for this simple project:

Video Instructions

Since this was my very first macramé wall hanging project, I can’t claim to be an expert in the art of macrame or macrame skills. However, I’m going to let you know where you can go for the full tutorial I followed.

This following video tutorial was done by macrame artist Melissa of The Crafty Ginger. She was excellent in showing the simple steps of this project. I encourage you to watch it and follow along step by step like I did.

The video shows this wall hanging being made on a piece of driftwood – which is a beautiful option for a macrame piece. If driftwood isn’t readily availabe to you, you could use a wooden dowel or tree branch as alternatives. Since I wanted to make a wreath, though, I used a large embroidery hoop.

Step by step instructions

  • Step one: Cut the macrame rope into different lengths, The way you determine how much cord you need for each strand is by measuring with your arms into different “body lengths”. Since I wanted the width of mine to be a bit wider than the illustration in the video, I added in 4 extra lengths of cord on each end.
  • Step 2: Hang the item you will be adding macrame to from a hook on the wall. I used a peg rail hook in our bedroom and it worked great. I found I had a hard time trying to work on the project on a flat surface, so hanging it up is definitely the easy way to do it!
  • Step 3: Attach the pieces of macramé cord to the embroidery hoop by looping the center cords over the hoop and pulling the tails through with a lark’s head knot – with the longest length of the cord (s) in the center of the project.
  • Step 4: Following the instructions of the video, you will tie simple knots row by row. Since this is a beginer macrame project, it only uses basic macrame knots .You will start with the first row, then second row, third row, go on to the next row, and so on. There are rows of square knots, and another row is a macramé knot that helps form a diamond shape.
  • Step 5: Continue following the macrame patterns of the video until you are finished. Trim the end of the cords to be the desired length and shape you want. Unravel the rope a bit to give it a soft, fringed look.
  • Step 6: Wire on faux greenery and pine cones for a Winter or Christmas look.

Here is how my first macrame wall hanging Christmas wreath turned out:

Macrame Wall Hanging Wreath done on an embroidery hoop with Faux Christmas greenery

The best part about making your own macrame wall hanging is that you can customize it to be the perfect wall art size you want it to be. If you want the overall size of your piece to be wider, you can just add extra strands of cord onto the piece.

I had extra long strands in the middle, so I did 2 rows of half square knot twists on either side of the center for a bit of a different look.

Frequently Asked Questions about macrame cord

Since I’m new to macrame, I had some of the same questions that lots of people have – mainly – “What macrame cord/ rope should I use?”

The answer that I found was that the most common macrame rope is twisted 3 ply cotton. This natural cotton 4mm cord looks very similar to what I used.

Macrame wall hanging above a green dresser with plants and a bowl of Christmas balls on it.
This macrame wall hanging wreath is the perfect boho wall art for Christmas or Winter. Change up the faux florals and make it work for sunny months, too!

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  1. I love your boho wreath! It has just the right amount of Christmas style to it. For someone who claims to not have a lot of experience in macrame, you sure did a wonderful job! Thanks for participating in the Christmas wreath blog hop!

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