Signs of {Crafter’s} ADD

As I was blow drying my hair yesterday, I came to a startling realization…

{**Time out for a random fact: Did you know that the heat of a blow dryer or a hot shower makes your brain “fire” differently, causing more clarity or creativeness? I’m pretty sure that’s a real fact…or perhaps I made it up? Regardless…some of my best ideas come while blow drying my hair. Can you relate?}

Now. Back to the story.

I have ADD. The crafter’s variety. Yep. Crafter’s Attention Deficit Disorder. I just named it myself. Right now. Here are the signs:

1. My “craft room” (aka, the Dining Room) is one. big. hot. mess.

messy craft room

2. Dark circles under my eyes reflect hours of lost sleep due to dreaming up new projects.

3. My mind races at breakneck speed. The ideas and projects whirl around in there like the spin cycle on my favourite front loading wash machine. I’m afraid that if I don’t think about it, I may forget a good idea!

4. My racing mind is also accompanied by a racing heart and anxiousness that I need to work faster! In reality, I’m just working in circles…


Once I realized the “diagnosis”, I needed to stop the madness and come up with a plan. The first step was to tidy the craft room. I cannot be creative in a mess. {Obviously, I then couldn’t accomplish much in that atmosphere!}

I got myself a piece of paper and a pen. As I picked things up that needed to be done, I wrote them on my “to do” list. It really didn’t take that long, and the results were immediate.

All the sudden, my brain heaved a sigh of relief. No longer did it have to work in overdrive. Just writing it down took the pressure off.

There were 12 projects on the list.

In between meetings, phone calls, cooking, laundry, and coffee times, I crossed off 2 things.

Baby steps.

I have to start somewhere!

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  1. LOVE YOU POST!! My sentiments to a T…I was just readying to write my list of to dos now! And yes, drying my hair does allow me to think of new ideas…so funny but true! Amen to all you have said!!
    Stacey of Embracing Change
    p.s. – I have gained much comfort in realizing its not just me … :o)

  2. I agree– I love this post because now I know I'm not alone! I too write down a to-do list so that I feel better and so everything gets out of my head. Is it bad though that sometimes I write down things I've already completed so I can cross it off and feel better about myself? hahaha 🙂

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

  3. YES – agreed. I attended a craft class earlier this week and couldn't sleep for 2 days. Tonight I will be putting my notebook and pen on the nightstand – ready to jot down any inspiration. This always helps when I am feeling overwhelmed and can't find a direction!

  4. Did I write this or did you….LOL! I could not agree with you more on Crafter's ADD. You should see my list of "Things To Do" and it's steadily growing.

    Great post and have a wonderful day,

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