Sunday’s House Tour

Today’s House Tour will take you to a fellow blogger’s blog home.  No, I guess she isn’t a “real life” friend of mine like Coleen and Mike & Katie…but I wish she was!Smile

The Nester was the lady who started this whole 31 Day blog thing in the first place.  She has  encouraged fellow bloggers to join her in the challenge, and this year, over 1200 did!  I read her blog on a regular basis anyway, but her 31 Day series seems to fit in with  what I’ve been thinking about.  She’s been writing about “Home. On Purpose.”

Her topics and pictures are a daily inspiration, and I find her words so eloquent. {In an “easy to read” way.}   If you want to grab a cup of coffee and read her whole series so far, you can click here.

But if you just want to read one right now, I recommend this one.

Source: thenester.com via Rita on Pinterest


I especially love her paragraph on fear and worry…

Have a great Sunday!

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