31 Things

1.  I have writer’s block.

2.  This 31 Days series is totally throwing me for a loop.

3.  The first 3 weeks seemed relatively easy to write.

4.  And, now here I sit…

5.  Trying to be witty, winsome, and wise.

6.  I have nothing.

7.  I remember being here last year, too.

8.  It’s a place where doubts and questions abound.  Questions like:

9.  “Is my series boring?”

10.  “Is anyone reading this anyway?”

11.  “Why does blogger x have 3,998 comments on one blog post and I have none?”

12.  I wonder if any of the other 31 Dayers have had these same thoughts.

13.  I would gander to guess they have.Smile

14.  Competition and comparison are slippery slopes when you’re a blogger.

15. I must tread carefully today…

16.   Yesterday was a gray, stormy day.

17.  We had a lovely fire burning in our living room woodstove.

18.  I read an entire book on the couch.

19.  And pulled out the Christmas music.

20.  Even though it’s only October, I’m ready to decorate for Christmas.

21.  It’s such happy, cozy decor for dark, rainy days.

Source: google.com via Rita on Pinterest


22.  In fact, I’ve already got some ideas in mind.

23.  I was inspired by some thrifty accessories I just purchased.

24.  I can’t wait to show them to you!

25. Perhaps that’s what I’ll write about tomorrow.

26.  THAT’S IT!!

27.  Accessories…

28.  I love accessorizing rooms.

29.  I think they are the single. most. effective way to add your unique personality to a room.

30.  Oh, thank you.

31.  Sharing all this “nothing” helped me figure out what to write about.

Thanks for listening.

And thanks for reading…

Have a lovely day.

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  1. Writers block, I have that currently while I take on teaching grade 2 full time! Not what I have planned for my fall but that is the way things go, you go in the direction you feel you must. So my little blog is getting neglected!

    And ignore those bloggers with oodles of comments, I like smaller bloggers who have time to reply and comment back, that is where the connection is made! You are doing fabulous!

  2. I don’t know where the thousands of adoring blog followers are…but rest assured- I read every installment you write. :^) You’re very inspiring. (and witty, and interesting). 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  3. I too have ready your blog everyday of the 31 days. Yours is honestly my favorite one!!

    I have loved it and regret not telling you sooner. Don’t worry about the writer’s block . There are lots of 31ers who got writer’s block on day 8 or 10 and have just lingered where they stopped.

    I found today’s thoughts to be real. I like real. Take it easy on yourself.
    I have earmarked your blog so that once the 31 days are over I can still comeback.

    Thanks for the hard work,

  4. Out of all the blogs I decided to follow from Nesters 31 day challenge your has by far been my favorite. I keep thinking that I need to leave a comment on your blog and I never got around to it. I know you did not write this looking for praises but you really are fun to read and have so many good ideas. I will be a reader from now on. I am hooked!!! Keep it going.

  5. You know…many times when things are really good…people remain silent…
    when something is disagreeable they shout it to the rooftops!
    It should be the opposite. Love you blog.

  6. Just thought I would drop a note of encouragement. Your stories are warm and inspiring and your writing is straight from the heart. Your pictures are full of charm and your words encourage me daily. I hope that one day I too will have the time, talent and courage to write my own blog and encourage and inspire others the way you are doing. Keep up the good work and I look forward to meeting you someday in the future when I come out to visit Maggie B. All the best out there in that warmer province and God Bless you and your family.

  7. Lol. Your thoughts made me smile, because I’ve felt the same way – especially about the comments. Is this worth my time? It’s a stretch and it’s challenging me, so that’s good. I’ve been loving your series, and can’t wait to read about accessories. I’m ready for Christmas, too!

  8. While I might not comment every day I read your posts – and have since I found you last year with the “31 day series”. Hang in there – I certainly know the feelings of doubt that anyone, other than family (and sometimes you are not even sure about them), is reading what you work so hard to put out there. You are doing a great job – and you are a brave person to take on the 31 day series to begin with!
    Hugs –

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