Decorating and Your Personality Style

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This is Day 2 of the series “31 Ways to Make Home Uniquely You”.  If you missed Day 1, you can find it here.  Also, our $159 kitchen makeover is a “contestant” for a Grand Prize at One Project Closer.  If you’d like to go over and click a “vote” for it, you can do so here.   Now…on to today’s post!:)


Years ago, I had the privilege of going to a decor workshop hosted by Jane Lockhart from the TV show Colour Confidential.


The evening didn’t disappoint in any way.  I laughed and learned and was inspired to go home and do something!!

I’m sure I took notes that night, but I have absolutely no idea where they now reside.  Thankfully, some things are still clear in my memory bank.  (Amazing, I know!)

Jane did a funny little personality test.  After asking us a few questions to determine our personality type, she illustrated how our personalities affected our decorating tendencies.

Unfortunately, I only remember these two:

1.  The Indecisive Decorator:

  • Spends hours and hours/ days and days/ years and years comparing, observing, and agonizing over every detail and decision involving home decor.
  • The fear of making the “wrong” decision paralyzes her from making any decisions at all.
  • As a result, her home remains constantly unchanged and the same.  {And she’s probably not very satisfied with it that way.}

2.  The Impulsive Decorator:

  • Has projects constantly on the go.
  • In fact, while she is in the middle of painting her bathroom yellow, she is suddenly struck with an idea of how to make her kitchen look even better!
  • The spark of sudden inspiration for the kitchen project causes her to drop her entire project in the bathroom and start frantically working on the “new idea”.
  • As a result, half-done projects surround her… {And she’s probably not very satisfied with it that way.}

The reason I remember those two decor personalities is that I was in a vicious cycle of going between the two.


                                                              {Our kitchen when we moved in…}

I would get so tired of being indecisive that I would  impulsively make a decision.  The impulsive decision would sometimes turn out to be not as I had hoped…So, I swung back to indecisive again.

whole kitchen

{The kitchen in its Dill Pickle Green stage…}

I needed to get my groove on.  Somehow I needed to meld indecisive and impulsive together and get my decision making capabilities under control.

whole kitchen after

{The Kitchen now…and I finally love it!}

But how??…

{Come back tomorrow to hear how one day changed my decorating life forever…Winking smile}

Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Oh Rita Joy, you are being a tease…. here I was hoping for insight TODAY! So much for indecisive impulsiveness! Which is exactly where I am today. ha ha! After living in this house for 2 1/2 years (but only 1 year since the addition was built) I am slowly but surely coming to terms with the personality of the house. Low ceilings, no ceiling lights in living room, dark kitchen, and cozy bedrooms. Does this not scream cottage to you? It does to me but I am definitely NOT a fru fru cottage type girl. So enter Scottish cottage (because they are definitely NOT fru fru) with a touch of French farmhouse and maybe a bit of Tuscan and just plain good ole’ American midwestern farmhouse (because they didn’t have the lumber to build tall…)

    Have a wonderful day! The “farm” boy is out pulling weeds in the rain/mist in order to earn money so I ought to get back to work as well. You would be so proud of me…. there are actually cleaned off, cleared off surfaces and the sofa is completely cleared! (i’m notorious for having a stack of books at one end….)

  2. I’m reading this right now and nodding my head to everything. I am exactly the same way when it comes to decorating! It’s so good to find someone else who has been in my shoes. I keep going back and forth and feeling frustrated. I’ve always thought that I was creative and would be able to rock it when it came to finally getting to have my own home to decorate, and then….paralyzed. I have a basement full of 20 different DIY furniture projects that I’m too indecisive to start and 2 awesome stencils that bought 3 months ago and have yet to do anything with. This post is perfect timing in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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