When a Good Idea Turns Bad…

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I’ve been looking for an affordable solution for our dining room curtains for quite some time now.  I thought I’d found the ticket.   The other day I purchased some beautiful blue fabric tablecloths for just $6 each.  I had visions of them being transformed to be the perfect thing for the room ~ adding a splash of pretty color to the space.

I came home and hung one over the rod to “see” what it looked like.

blue curtains


Sometimes things just don’t look the way you thought they would …

I’ve learned not to worry about that.  I learned from a famous tv interior decorator that you just take it back to the store if it doesn’t work out. (Back in the packaging the way it came, of course.)

They’re headed right on back to the store.

Except maybe one.

I could use a new tablecloth!Smile

{P.S.  Before you go wild over this idea, be sure you know the store’s policy on returns before you purchase with the option of “taking back” in mind ~  And always remember to keep track of those receipts!  If you have any questions about a store’s return policy, I probably know.  I’m pretty experienced at the whole “take it back to the store” thing!  My sisters tease me endlessly about it!:)}


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