Antique Window Wall Art {and a Tutorial}

There’s nothing quite as unique as handmade home decor.  Crafting something yourself not only (often) saves  money, but it allows you to customize a project to suit your specific needs.  I have an affection for old, antique windows, and love to incorporate them in our decor.  I converted a large one into a message center for our kitchen.

message center keeper

This one was in our Fall Entryway and had a chalkboard on one side:

fall wall arrangement ps

Another one I designed with girls in mind.  {However, if you change the color scheme and words, it could be appropriate for anyone.}

window cover

Want to make one yourself?

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • an antique window
  • mdf wood piece cut to fit window.  {This stuff is awesome to paint on!  It’s only about 1/4 inch thick, and the man at the lumberyard said he sells it to a lot of artists.  I can see why.  It costs only $11 for an 8 x 4 foot sheet and takes paint like a dream!}
  • cardboard dimensional elements (from scrapbooking supply companies.  These were from Stampin’ Up)
  • foam brushes
  • acrylic paint in colors of your choice
  • {not pictured} modge podge

I apologize that I don’t have any “in progress” pictures this time, but you can imagine it easily:

1.  Paint background of board in the color of your choice.

2.  Paint cardboard dimensional elements in the colors of your choice.

3.  Attach background board to the back of the window.

4.  Glue down dimensional elements with modge podge.

Ta Da!  You’re done!!

straight on best

If you’d like, you can add some hand painted line details to the dimensional elements:

hand painted details


antique window parts

I clean up the old window finish by lightly sanding it (outside ~ since it might be lead paint), and giving it a slight “wash” of acrylic paint.  However, I like to let the old patina peek through.  It’s part of the old charm to me.


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  1. Rita, you are so good! Talented, creative, artsy. Hugs to you.

    Tell me something that isn’t spelled out on this page. How do you put your name on each picture like you do? Do you have to have special software to do it? Or is it a Mac thing?

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