My Top 5 Resources for New Bloggers

It’s no secret that I love to blog.  It’s been a learning journey of mine since I very tentatively hit “publish” on my very first post on August 4, 2010.  {I  had to go back and check the date.  Hmmm…my upcoming 2 year blog anniversary is also our actual 22nd wedding anniversary!!}

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Each blogger has their own story of how they started out.  Some grow surprisingly quickly.  Some grow slowly.

My story is unique, too.  I didn’t even discover blogs  much before I started my own.  And, truth be told, I probably wouldn’t have been brave enough to try it had not been for my friend Kim sitting at my side and coaching me through each step.  {Thanks, Kim!}

Along the way, I’ve discovered some fellow bloggers who were vulnerable enough to share their story – and not only that, they became my virtual “blog teachers” in the process.  I wanted to share with you my top 5 most helpful “how to blog” series and tips that I’ve come across.  I hope that they can be of help to those of you who are just starting out – or for those of you who may need a boost to get started  ~

{Of course, I didn’t want to do a post without any pictures. So, most of these pictures were taken on a recent Sunday night drive with my husband.  I think his words were, “Why don’t you pull yourself away from that computer and come for a drive with me??”  {See point 5 below…Winking smile}}

  1.  Gail’s series called “The Bold and the The Beautiful – Your Blog Reviewed ” was the first new blogger resource  I stumbled on.  I have notebook pages filled with notes from that series. That series also led me to her article “ Blog Tips for New Bloggers” ~ also very helpful and informative.  They are written for the Blogger format, which is what I started with.

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2.  Sarah from A Beach Cottage has done a few articles on blogging tips called “Real Girl Blog Tips”.  This one gives “5 Blog Essentials”.

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3.  If you are an avid blogger with a growing audience, you may start to think of monetizing it.   As I ponder that step, I’ve found the free e-book How to Make Money Blogging by Crystal Paine { extremely helpful.  In fact, I’ve referred to it so many times, I finally printed it out.  The beginning part  is an excellent description of what blogging is really like ~ and is also written for those of you who are just getting started setting up your blog.

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4.  Infarrently Creative shares her 12 part blog story starting here.  I found it at a time when I really needed some words of encouragement and advice from someone who was more experienced and wiser about the blogging world.  I sat and read all 12 parts at once.  In the end, I wrote her a note of thanks, and she sent back the most encouraging voice mail (I don’t know how in the world she does that!).

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5.  Having the encouragement and support of your spouse is key.  Blogging can be, well, rather time-consuming and slightly addictive at times…  This article on How to Blog-Proof Your Marriage by Beth from Home Stories to A-Z is a good one and gives great words of advice from many successful bloggers.

As you read the advice of seasoned bloggers, you will notice a pattern.  Many of them say the same thing in different words.  Other times they have totally different opinions on a subject.  Use discernment and follow the advice that you feel is right for you and your blog goals.

If you are just starting out in this blogging world, I want to encourage you today.  Even the big bloggers say they get discouraged some days…and there will always be bigger blogs than yours.  That’s reality.

But, do your thing.  And love the process.

Happy Blogging!Smile

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  1. Thank you Rita! I’m aspiring to get my blog going this fall, when our littlest is in Kindergarten… and I like to think of it as Titus 2 in cyberspace! May our words and keystrokes always be seasoned with God’s amazing grace 🙂 Kim

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