What Drives You CRAZY??

Someone once told me that in order for change to occur, there first must be some form of dissatisfaction.  {Dissatisfaction is quite the motivator, isn’t it?}

In other words, what is driving you crazy about your house??

  • Is it the fact that every time you sit down at your Dining Room table you feel like you’re sitting in an empty swimming pool?

Dining Room before


  • Is your bedroom so dark you feel like you’re sleeping in a coffin?



  • Does the placement of the refrigerator make you feel like you’d like to strap on roller skates to fix dinner?



Sometimes the start of a beautiful transformation is  defining what is absolutely driving you crazy ~ and why!

In some cases (like ours), the list may seem mighty long at first.

But, take your time.


Enjoy finding inspiration, and break “the crazy” down to one project at a time.

beach cottage bedroom labeled

And before you know it,

towards window

it’ll feel like home.

{The whole list of “31 Days to Make Home Uniquely You” topics can be found here.}

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  1. What drives me crazy is my husband Dan. He adds new projects to his endless list before he finishes the one he is on. He insists on doing everything himself. He does fantastic work but he is always juggling many projects! I prefer a more focussed approach! I love him to death though!

  2. Ohhh Rita,
    The crazy in our house?…well…it’s one renovation project that’s been waiting to happen for 17 years! But you’re giving me hope!!!
    I just read your Oct 9, 2011 post…Finding Balance and the Proverbs 31 woman. I’m going to remember that post when I can’t seem to get it together!!!

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