A Hospitality-Filled House tour

Happy Sunday, everyone!

As a slight change of pace during this 31 Day series, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to some of my real life friends on Sundays.  They are perfect examples of people who have created homes that fit their unique personalities.  {“Unique” does not mean “strange”…let me make that clear!Smile  We are all unique ~ and that’s what makes life so interesting!}

Today I bring to you Coleen.


{I’ve actually written about her Mamma’s Buttons here.}

When I think of Coleen, I think of hugs around the neck,a cheery Missouri accent, coffee time chats, and hospitality.  I just LOVE to go to her house!  She showers on the hugs and laughs and always has a delightful selection of snacks and drinks served from quaint little bowls, platters, and cups.

She threw open her front door the other day and welcomed me (and all of you!) to peek away at her house.

So, come on in!!

Coleen is a girl after my own sentimental little heart.  She has a connection with the past generation and just loves objects that represent “days gone by”.

antique kitchen gadgets

A lot of her quaint collections have ties to her home and family in Missouri.  She displays precious objects in places that she can see  often.  They bring back wonderful memories of her childhood and “Momma and Daddy” (as she calls them) who are waiting for her now in Heaven.

laundry room

Earlier this year, I helped her get her house ready for an upcoming wedding and family houseguests.  Spiffing up this laundry room was one of our delightful activities.  As we put together vignettes and displays, I loved  hearing the stories behind the objects.

momma's hankies

This shelf holds some memories of “Momma” ~ her hankie collection and  wallpaper brush.

Coleen takes delight in every. little. thing.

teeny tiny details

I’m amazed at her attention to detail and how she treasures the tiny little “baby-sized” things that bring a smile and chuckle.  This little cat and mouse (or is it a pig?) scene is tucked in  the lower shelf of this antique wood stove…

wood stove

People who know her well know how much she treasures old things and quaint collections.  Incidentally, many unique things are passed her way.  One of her acquired collections was boxes full of antique wooden boxes.

cigar boxes

We discovered that putting them all together as one display surrounding the tv made them seem like one unit instead of a busy collection of many.

tv display

Coleen’s kitchen chalkboard has this saying on it: “There is always, always, ALWAYS something to be thankful for.”

antique typewriter

I’m thankful for you, Coleen.

Thank you for using your home of hospitality and your heart of graciousness to bless so many people’s hearts.

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  1. How fun to wake up to this.. I am delighted to bless your little heart that is fuller with gratitude then most!!! I love my house all over each and every time I see it reflected in your photos and perspective. Your 31 days is a blessing and I just love to read each day of wisdom, inspiration and a mini visit with Rita. xxoo

    1. Hey… Coleen, love your antiques… you haven’t seen Johnny boy’s, but no wonder I have so much in common with you!!! Thanks so much for “letting me in!” Enjoyed being with you this Thanksgiving Sunday!xox

  2. Thanks for sharing! It’s so precious that you have a friend like Colleen. It makes me want to be a friend like that!

  3. I can see why you are friends Rita! All the fun things you got to do and the house tour was great! I am enjoying checking in everyday to see what’s going on. As we are to far apart for morning or afternoon coffee, I feel close when I have a cup while reading about your day! Love all your stuff and wished we were closer! Lorrie 🙂

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