Adventures “Down Under” {The Basement!}

There’s one area of our house that I’ve been strategically avoiding blogging about.  There are an overwhelming amount of things on the “To Do” list for it, and a big, beautiful reveal post seems so far away…

But, today is the day to change that.  It’s time I give you a tour of the dungeon  basement ~ just as it is….

We moved into this house years before I started blogging, so I had to look long and hard for these “before” pictures.

Our basement resembles the one that was in my {now 100 year old} childhood home.  The walls and floor are bare cement (thankfully, not a dirt floor!)…


I found it so sad, that my father-in-law graciously painted the walls a few weeks after we moved in:


A little sunshine yellow on the walls helped me cope a bit better…

The fact that there wasn’t a stitch of heat in the area made it have two temperatures year round ~fridge-like or freezer-like ~ depending on how hard the wind was whistling through the single-paned windows.

The lighting was also a sketchy situation.  A series of “add ons” just weren’t working well.  So, an electrician came to install both pot lights and two lovely wall heaters.

I’ll never forget when he gasped loudly and  said, “Ma’am, I don’t know why your house didn’t burn to the ground…”

Yep.  Some money is well spent…

So, at that stage, the laundry room portion looked like this:

laundry room before

(We had moved the washer and dryer out to paint the floor.)

Since then, we’ve:

  • painted the floor,
  • been given the most amazing front loading washer and dryer (!),
  • changed the plumbing so the washer no longer drains in the sink,
  • moved the shelving unit to a different area, and
  • relocated all my craft supplies to its new “Studio” space.

This is what it looks like today…

studio before 2

One. Hot. Mess.

It’s become the place where I “stash”, well, practically everything, it seems!   The Craft Studio is a nice idea, but honestly, I’ve never worked in it.  In reality, I drag all my crafts upstairs…then back down again.  The lighting and layout isn’t working for me.

The mess isn’t either.

Today I’m going to try to change that…

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  1. Oh to have that space! My craft area is the 4' X 6' walk in closet in the guest bedroom! However, I do understand about not being happy with a space and that closet is one of my organizing projects for the very near future – good luck!

  2. good luck on this endeavor!! looks like quite the task 🙂 by the way I like your new header & design!

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