You’re Committed Now!! {The Bathroom Project Begins}

I’ve been pondering a makeover for our main bathroom for a long, long time.  I was ready to dive right in.

However, as I plotted and planned, I realized a “little” makeover here was going to require much more than just a can of paint and some fun fabric.  Ideas that seemed so simple at first, would end up leading to some major snag!  So, now ~ almost 2 years later ~ it’s still identical to what it was then.

But (hallelujah!)…we now have a plan.

It starts right here:

tub with caulking

One of my main goals in this bathroom spiff up is to do something about those awful tiles.  The 70s retro look isn’t what I have in mind.  In order to do something about that, I first had to remove all that caulking by the tub.  See it there?

thick caulking

It’s kinda hard to miss.  In some places, it’s  about 1 inch thick.  As soon as I started cutting it out, I realized it was our bathroom makeover “point of no return”.

caulking gone

I’m committed now…

The plan is to start with this wall with the tub:

tub wall before ps

and then move on to the rest of the teeny tiny room.

bathroom before ps

I have big ideas…;)

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  1. It’s good to have that kind of time to think and plan. We had to renovate our bathroom 6 mos. after we moved into our 1930’s house. There was water “raining” into our basement every time someone showered. I quickly arranged for the renovation and just did the same kind of bathroom that I had done in our previous home. Except I had a porcelain pedestal tub re glazed off site. We finished the bathroom with bead board wainscotting,which I did in a natural wood finish. The tub took 3 men to put in place. 6 mos. after the reno, I wished I would’ve done a vintage style tile instead of the wainscotting. But I can’t even begin to think of the work that would entail. And painting the wood white would be a challenge with the fixtures so close to the wall.
    Looking forward to postings as you complete this project!

  2. Yes, it looks like there’s no turning back! My mom had a similar dated look and she ended up going over everything with bath fitter. Sometimes it’s opening a can of worms, as you know. Can’t wait to see what you do!

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