The {Real} Basement Before Pictures

A few months ago, I started working {again} on our basement.  The craft shop/ laundry room part is finished {for now}, and I started to work on the other half.  In the process of trying to explain the “before” part of it, I realized I couldn’t find my before pictures.  I searched and searched through my pictures but came up with nothing.  Although I knew I had taken some, I finally came to the conclusion that I must have somehow inadvertently deleted them.

Fast forward to last night.  I was looking for some completely unrelated pictures. As I searched through our saved pictures on our hard drive, I stumbled on a folder  labeled “craft shop and camp 2009”.  You guessed it:  tucked neatly inside were the basement pictures.  {What was I thinking when I labeled that one??}

Anyway, I wanted to show you what our basement really looked like when we moved in… {Please excuse the mess…}:







And here is a picture {from the exact spot as the above picture} of what it is now was 2 months ago right after I cleaned up the video games off the floor…

toward door


I haven’t really done any work in that space since that picture was taken, but seeing the before pictures has been highly motivational for me.  I realized it has come a long way…

Now I need to press on and finish it up!  {And, yes, I’ll be showing you the “afters” of the other spaces as well…}

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