Knee Deep in … {Projects?} … Blessings

I’m in the mood for a big makeover project.  You know, like my big, messy basement storeroom finally becoming clean and orderly again.

But, first, I have to deal with all the projects I’m currently knee deep in…

As I pondered them today, I realized they weren’t just projects.  Each thing on my mind  actually represents something that is a huge blessing to me, and rather than just thinking of what I need to do, I want to focus on being thankful…

1. Painting…



The Etsy shop has been out of blue bird signs for a few weeks now, so yesterday I started working on getting the shelves stocked again.  I got 7 finished, and this morning I woke up to the 3rd order for the shop.  Oh…how grateful I am that people actually purchase my handmade things!  {Thank you so much!}  This color combination went lickety split, so I’ll try to do another one today.


gray 1

2.  Planting…

While in town the other evening, we noticed that little baby plants have just started to arrive into the stores.  This is that small window of time  we can purchase 4 plants for under $1.50, so I snatched up a few flats.  Now I need to get them nestled into their new planter homes and up in to the greenhouse to “perk” for a few weeks.


Every time I work with flowers, I think of something a man told us years ago.  He works in countries where people live in extreme poverty.  Each day is a struggle to survive, and finding food is the main focus.  He commented that in countries like that you never see a pretty flower.  “Where there is no hope, there is no beauty,”  he stated.   I ponder that a lot, and wonder what it would do for those people’s spirits to see a beautiful, colourful flower…

And I want to be grateful for the many beautiful things God allows me to see each day

3.  Pants…  {Tee Hee!!  I wanted to keep on with the “P” alliteration thing, and “Laundry” just didn’t fit!!}


Yep.  Laundry.  Such a mundane task, but one I actually enjoy {mostly for the 5 minutes when I’m actually caught up!}.  It also makes me think of how grateful I am for the family whose laundry I’m working on…  Oh, how lonely I’d be without them.

{And, I’m also grateful for a washer and dryer that gives me clean clothes that smell nice.  That hasn’t always been the case around here!!}

4.  Produce…

I’m in the process of trying out some new, healthy recipes this week.  I bought things like this:


Some of which {the eggplant, for example}  I’ve never even eaten before!  I think it’s rather pretty, don’t you??  If it doesn’t taste good, it sure would look nice as a centerpiece…Winking smile

Anyway…yes, I’m grateful for fresh, colourful food, too…something I think I take for granted too often.

And as far as the healthy recipes go?  If they’re a hit, I’ll share the recipes.  If not, we just won’t talk about them…

Speaking of which, it’s now lunch time.  I better get to chopping those healthy  veggies.

I hope you all have a great day ~ filled with and  surrounded by many blessings…

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that these blessings can be gone in an instant and we should be cherishing these miracles of everyday life. I have been stalking your blog for a year and thoroughly enjoy your posts!

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