A Big Secret {I Can Finally Share!}

Thanks for sharing!

I’ve had a secret I’ve been dying to share with you, but wanted to be careful not to share it too soon.   I didn’t want to make a big deal out of something and then have it fall through.  But, I think it’s safe now…

My husband and I have had this little joke ever since I started blogging:

He’d ask, “So, how’s the blog goin’?”

To which I’d reply, “Well, Better Homes and Gardens hasn’t called yet…”

We’d laugh and go on our merry way.

So, you can imagine my shock when one ordinary day last December – they called!!

Well, not “called” exactly.  They e-mailed.

It caused great excitement around here.

I, at first, thought it was spam.

When I found out it wasn’t, I called my sisters and squealed a lot…

Then I got busy.

I’ll tell you what.  When Better Homes and Gardens calls, it’s highly motivating.

They had discovered my blog during the 31 Days of Craft Fair preparations series and were interested in these burlap Christmas stockings:

christmas stockings


They requested some ~ along with the directions ~ ASAP, for a photo shoot for this year’s upcoming Holiday Crafts magazine.  {Isn’t that just crazy??}  I worked quickly and got them in the mail as quick as I could.

Since then, we’ve been in communication and all the paperwork/ contracts, etc., etc. are finished.  The final piece of documentation arrived while I was in Nebraska!  {Yeah!}

So, it appears this is all “a go”.  Of course, I realize that nothing is necessarily guaranteed, and only time will really tell if the stockings actually show up in the magazine.

But, even if they don’t, just being asked feels like a great honour…

…and the more I realize how big this DIY/Craft blog world is, I also think the whole thing is quite miraculous.

Thank you, Better Homes and Gardens…

You’ve given me a taste of “Christmas” already!Smile

Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Wow, Rita, that is absolutely amazing!! If it does happen, I will be busy pointing it out at the Library, to everyone who checks out the mag! 🙂 Very exciting. Maybe I should point out your blog to Country Woman. They do special stories on “ordinary” people with home businesses. Congratulations! By the way, I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts.

  2. That’s so cool, Rita! Before you know it they’ll be bringing the big videocameras over and doing a tv show with you! 😉

  3. Amazing … YOU are amazing and are so talented! I’m extremely excited for you Rita … who knows what other doors will open? Can’t wait to see!

  4. That is wonderful! I am so excited for you Rita!! I can’t think of better person for this to happen to!! Once again congratulations!

  5. Wow! Congratulations Rita!! That is super cool. I will definately buy the magazine when it comes out.

  6. that is SO exciting!! I can see why they’d be interested in you and I guess your hubs & you have to come up with some new blog banter… maybe “well Martha Stewart hasn’t called yet”… haha #daretodream

  7. Haha, I love how you thought it was spam! I had a similar experience when a television network contacted me and I TOTALLY thought it was spam… until it wasn’t!! 🙂 That’s awesome! Congrats!!!

  8. Congratulations!!! So well deserved! And I am loving the blog look! I got an email from HGTV a while back re:my headboards and I too thought it was spam. I ended up googling the name, etc to make sure it was legit!

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