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Small Kitchen Coffee Bar

See how the addition of a small coffee bar corner helps make this small kitchen look and function better.

I wrote this post originally soon after we moved into our townhouse. The kitchen has been one of the biggest challenges of our new small space, but this improvement we made at the beginning is still one of my favorite things – a coffee bar corner! Keep reading the post to see what the kitchen looked like when we moved in – and how taking out a cupboard made it feel bigger!


On move in day, our kitchen looked like this:

Kitchen Before & After

^Kitchen Before^

Although I didn’t take any close up shots, there was an odd “trim” around all the upper cupboards. We’re pretty sure it was recycled pink countertopping. That odd feature lasted exactly 1 day. My husband had that removed quicker than you could blink~ which gave it an instant update.

Then, other than trying to stuff all my kitchen items into the cupboards, nothing more happened until a few weeks ago when motivation kicked in.

I was tired of having all my cookbooks hidden in the living room for lack of space, so I turned the whole kitchen upsidedown as I rearranged everything to make a little more sense. One thing led to another (doesn’t it always?), and before I knew it, I had the paint out…

This makeover wasn’t a huge one, but it had major impact on how much I enjoy the kitchen now.

Gone are the depressing beige colored walls.

Kitchen Before & After

^Kitchen Before^

Now they are fresh and pretty with only one coat of Benjamin Moore’s Gray Cashmere (that was left over from my previous Coastal Cottage Office makeover).

Kitchen Before & After

^Kitchen After^

I’m fully aware that the elephant in the room is that vent sticking out of the top of the cupboards. Oh, how we wish the building contractors thought to hide that in the wall when they were building this place. We have plans a-brewing for it, but for now, it’s just hanging out up there adding a little “industrial” flare.;)

The part that totally rocks my kitchen world is this little corner:

Kitchen Before & After




We just love our new kitchen coffee bar!! You wouldn’t believe the difference in the space once we removed that upper cupboard.

Kitchen Before & After


We installed shelves that we had in our previous kitchen (from Ikea),

Kitchen Before & After

and added mug hooks on the bottom of one.

Kitchen Before & After

Although I don’t have a picture of the sad old tap that was here when we moved in, I do have the “after” of the gooseneck one we picked up on a half price sale a few weeks ago.

Kitchen Before & After

It makes washing dishes so much more exciting!;)

I still have some more plans in the organizational aspect of the kitchen, but for now, I’m enjoying how it’s feeling.

Kitchen Before & After


In fact, I just spent a whole day in there baking up a storm.

Kitchen Before & After

With every pan I pull out of the oven, it feels a little more like “home”.

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Kitchen Before & After


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  1. Beautiful! I can’t believe how much more “open” your kitchen looks with one cupboard gone! I love the open shelves and how you styled them – you will have fun with them during the year! Rita – you have done so much in a short period of time, well done!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. You two are a great team. That took courage to remove a whole cupboard, and make the wall look like it had never
    even been there. The new shelf and bike feature look so good.

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