And Now – The REST of the Story…

I can’t quite get over how motivating it is to take “AFTER” pictures for this blog. Take, for instance, the picture of the office I posted yesterday:
The part that I like about this taking pictures thing is that it forces me to actually FINISH projects – complete with little details. Sometimes I can get distracted and move on to another project before I finish the first one.
What makes me laugh, though, is the process I go through to get the “perfect” shot. You see…I have a bit of a confession to make. In order to have such a neat, ordered room, I “stashed” stuff into our bedroom. Those sheets that I mentioned fitting in so nicely into the drawers? They were, in reality, thrown in a heap in our bedroom…
And the nice decor on the dresser top? This is actual reality:
I just thought bottles of mouse and hairspray looked a little goofy in an office setting…
This exercise has made me ponder something, though. As I page through decor magazines, I often say to myself, “I wish my room looked like that”. Or, “Wow! I need to organize my drawers to be that neat…”.
But, perhaps, there is more to their story as well. If we could see the WHOLE picture, maybe, just maybe, we’d find a “secret stash” somewhere, too!:)
It is kind of fun, though, for just that SNAP! of time in my day when that picture is shot…I, too, can experience one little area of the house that is a “magazine staged” space.

…And my husband is still wondering whose freezer is in our house! It got organized the day I did the “make ahead meals” entry. I guess you could say, that’s not the “normal” around here!:)


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  1. I love the fact that you make us laugh, cry and be real. 🙂 You are a blessing to many Rita, including me. I just wish I had asked for a personal tour! Your home looks amazing and inspiring.

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