Master Bedroom Tour (The Befores)

We’ve been in our townhouse for about 5 months now. Slowly but surely we’re getting settled in. I find it’s taking a while to really get a good feel for this space, and figuring out (through trial and error) what works and doesn’t.  The good news is, we’re not in a hurry! We can work at our own pace ~ space by space ~ until it feels like home to us.

So far, we’ve concentrated our work on the main floor. We tackled the Living & Dining Room, painted the kitchen and added a coffee station, and recently finished a little Laundry Room Makeover.

Now, I’ve headed upstairs and have been working on a few different spaces at the same time. I currently have about a million and 1/2 projects on the go. But, as I pulled up these pictures to edit them, I’m encouraged to see that we’ve come a long way since these were taken a few weeks ago. (Yeah!)

Before I get into any of the nitty gritty details, I thought it would be good to give you a tour of the spaces “before”. So, come on up our little townhouse staircase and down the hall for a tour of the Master Bedroom.

It’s a nice sized room with a big, beautiful window that makes it so light and bright.

It has a second door that leads to the main bathroom of the house ~ which the real estate agent explained was a “cheater suite”. It’s a lovely feature that we really enjoy.

The closet is behind the third white door. I’m thrilled to say that for the first time in a very long time, we finally live in a house that has a closet in the master bedroom…complete with a door!:) I don’t want to spoil all the surprises today, but it’s even big enough to walk in! (So exciting, isn’t it??!)

I’ve been working on this room little by little trying to add some personality and character into a pretty basic blank space. It’s coming along and I can’t wait to show you the end result! Stay tuned…



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