Above the Tub Shelf Mantle

I fell in love with KariAnne’s shelf above her tub the first time I ever laid eyes on it.

karianne's bathroom

I never quite knew what to do with all the empty wall space above the tub.  For years, ours sported a picture with shells…

tub wall before ps

It was sad. Just. sad.

The plan all along has been to get a shelf up there.  The first step was the big old window that I thought would look amazing above the shelf.

hung window

I had visions of a shelf that would not only look pretty, but also be functional.  I thought baskets (like Karianne’s) on it would be a genius way to store things like towels and toilet paper.

However,  once we started measuring for a shelf that deep, we quickly realized it couldn’t be that deep if we wanted to get into the tub without walloping our heads on a baskets of tp!!:)

So, we opted for a shallower version ~ more like a faux mantle.

I painted a 5 in width board (the length of the entire wall) with homemade white chalk paint and washed it with grays and blues and tans to make it sort of look driftwood-like.  Then we glued a piece of trim to the front to make a ledge.


Our whole house shutters when the front door closes, and I didn’t want things flying off the shelf every time someone walked out the door!

We used a trick I found on another blog, and hung it with these fancy schmancy little corner brackets.


Then, I hung two decorative shelves underneath that I had also painted driftwoody.

shelf and bracket ps

(You can see the shelf bracket peeking out on the left side.  The shelf is a very tight fit against the wall, so we just used two brackets.  However, if I ever want to put anything heavy on it, we’d probably add a few more brackets.)

Here it is:

tub and shelf ps

I’ve been collecting lots of ideas for some fun neat accessories for the shelf, but for now, I just grabbed things that I already had.

shelf closeup ps

be still sign

One more project is checked off our bathroom redo “to do” list!  Woo Hoo!

shelf and tub ps


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  1. So nice. Love it. I love how you color-washed the shelf and brackets to match. Have you added a finish to it so it won’t be stained by steam or water? I wonder if you should wax it a couple of times or varnish it? I love the color it turned out and I also love the ‘be still’ picture and the large picture frame on the wall. Well done!!

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