Office Mini-Makeover

In order to get the full picture of this little project, I need to give you some background. This is the office when we first moved into the house.
It is actually a landing at the top of the stairs – right outside our bedroom. It took us quite a while to actually figure out what to do with the space. It is on the small side…yet it was good space that I didn’t want to waste. After a few cans of paint and an injured back (Lesson to self: don’t move a fully loaded desk by myself!), it looked like this:
It has been painted for a while now and functions well as an office space, but I was ready for a little change. That blue square on the wall just never seemed right to me… I had two goals in mind when I started this project:
  1. Organize the scattered paper and supplies – and use fun containers to do so.
  2. Don’t spend any money…Just use what I already have.

Well, I cheated slightly on point number 2. You see, I went to Ikea recently and found fun black, white, and red boxes in the “As Is” (read -“cheap”!) section! I have loved those for years, but couldn’t justify the cost for painted cardboard. But…in the “cheap” section…I figured I could splurge!:) So, after a fresh coat of paint and alot of dusting…here it is now:


I’m still working on an idea for artwork on the wall. Hopefully I can finish it soon. And tomorrow…I’ll show you my other latest project! (I’m so excited I can hardly wait!)

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