Family Picture – A Role Reversal

(This was originally written on Sunday, Oct. 17)


Today history was made in our family. Every year about this time I start thinking about a family picture for our Christmas letter. I plot and plan when and where and what we should all wear. Then I brace myself for the whining that (almost) always follows my cheerful announcement that it’s “Picture Time”!
However, this year was a different story. Our oldest son got his first job this summer. Then, with his first very own money bought himself a beautiful Nikon D3000 camera. I’m very excited that he is taking up this new hobby and am impressed with his creativity in it.
Yesterday I approached him with the idea that maybe this year he should take our picture. I was thrilled that he didn’t turn me down!:) So, this afternoon after we arrived home from a delightful afternoon with friends in town, we decided to quickly try a picture. It was a joy for me to watch my son pick the spot, set up the tripod, and RUN when the self-timer started beaping! It was a casual picture…no changing outfits or fixing our hair (my boys are all over that!)…It may not be the final shot for this year, but it’s a great memory!
(*This picture is posted with permission from all my family members!:))

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  1. I like it :). Isn't it great to see our kids grow up and do things on their own? I'm not much of a baby person – I love it when kids learn and grow!

    B. Scott

  2. How many children in the family, who is in charge, traditions, pastime, moral norms – all this is taken from the parental family, absorbed and becomes part of the worldview of a still small person. This is why it is so important to maintain a healthy family environment.

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