Powder Room Misadventures – Motivation

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I have heard many theories as to why my room became a crackle finish nightmare. It could have been a number of things – from the wrong primer to my mixing-together concoction of paint. But the thing that made the most sense to us was that it was a moisture issue. There wasn’t a fan in the room at the time, and perhaps the moisture build up affected the adherence of the paint.
So…off to the store we went and my husband bought a fan. He spent one of his Saturdays rummaging around in the attic with hoses and vents and exciting things like that. In the end, we had a working fan. It sounds like a helicopter taking off, but other than that, it works dandy! (It’s even a “quiet”model. What must the “noisy” model sound like?)
After the fan installation, I ran out of decorating steam. I think by then I was so exhausted and discouraged I just couldn’t bear to wedge myself back into that room to fix the giant mess it had become. I just hurried in and out of there and ignored it…for…well…a YEAR!!
I find it interesting to discover what motivates me. Having company is definitely a motivating factor for me. You guessed it. After living with our ubur ugly bathroom for a year, suddenly we were getting company. And not just any company. It was my sister and her family! Yippee Skippee!! THAT was motivation! Not that my sister is picky or demanding or anything like that…I just didn’t want to have her have to use this disgustingly ugly bathroom. By then the paint was actually flaking off the ceiling and falling down. It was a sad, sad, scene…
So…bless his heart…my dear husband sanded down the whole room. And we started over – this time with a blue-gray color that Sara Richardson (a TLC designer) had inspired me to use. Gloriously, no crackle finish appeared!
I don’t have a picture of the room at that point…so here’s a picture of me and the sister who came to visit. She lives a long ways away, but we stay in touch through many “coffee times” over the phone!

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