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A Big Secret {I Think it’s ok to Share?}

Quite a while ago I wrote that I got a very exciting e-mail from Better Homes and Gardens.  They had somehow (miraculously) discovered my blog and were interested in my burlap Christmas stockings.

christmas stockings

Although we spent a few months e-mailing and filling out forms and contracts, I still didn’t want to get my hopes up too high…  I figured there is always the chance an editor might change her mind about putting something in a magazine.

But, a few weeks ago, I got this in the mail:

holiday crafts 2

I flipped through that thing faster than I have any magazine, and quickly made a discovery…

stockings in mag

~my burlap Christmas stockings!!  I was so excited I could hardly stand it ~ and honestly, it still seems so surreal.

I’ve been looking for it on stands here in Canada, but haven’t found it so far.  {Have you?}  But – Christmas stockings aside – I really do like the magazine.  It is FULL of great ideas.  If you need a creativity jumpstart, it’s  an awesome place to start.

{And, no, Better Homes and Gardens didn’t compensate me for saying nice things about them.  I do, however, want to thank them for the opportunity to be in one of their magazines.  I feel beyond honoured.}

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  1. Ya know, you never think about the “real people” behind those projects…I always thought they just had a crafter on their staff that thought up all these fab ideas! HA
    This is sooooo great and exciting! WOW. Really. Wow.

  2. Congratulations! how exciting for you. I feel honored to have someone I know via blog land be published in a major magazine. I’ll be keeping an eye out here in the states for it in the news stands. I can see why they contacted you, your stockings are lovely!

  3. Thrilled for you Rita!! You are such a creative person, and I am always inspired by your blog and creative projects. oooh, I just want to get my hands on a copy… I’ll be watching for it in the stores!! 🙂

  4. Rita, that is beyond exciting! Congratulations on hitting the magazine stands with your most excellent Christmas stockings. Good on you and keep the ideas coming!

  5. Hi Rita, and Thanks for your feedback (got it on my email). Well, I’m from Denmark not all of Europe – sorry 😉 But I do enjoy following your blog here, and have done it for some time now. I have also linked to one of your projects on my blog, which I hope is all right (please be / if not please say so), as I find your ideas and sharings so inspirering! I sincerely wish you all the best. Happy greetings xxx Pernille

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