Kitchen Organization Ideas

Make the most of every inch in a small kitchen with these budget friendly organization ideas!

After looking at the prices of fridges, my husband and I nixed postponed our lofty dreams of a major kitchen renovation a few weeks ago. Instead, we put on our thinking caps and work gloves & installed some kitchen organization systems that are working marvelously!

I’ve been showing video reels over on Instagram of the projects, so if you want some visuals of the exact kitchen organization ideas I’m talking about below, you can click on the links under each kitchen organization idea.

Simple Organization Ideas for Kitchens

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1. Spice Rack Organization

Over the years, I’ve tried many, many different spice organization systems. Most recently, I had my spices on small lazy susan organizers. However, when I needed a specific spice, I’d be whirling around 3 different organizers and it seemed to take forever to find what I needed!

So, I purchased spice jars that are all the same size, printed off my own spice jar labels, and had my husband build me a tiered stair step system to set them on.

I love it now! My spices are in alphabetical order & easy to find!

See my spice rack organization here.

Cabinet Organizers

I wanted to make the most out of every single cabinet in our kitchen. In order to do so, we realized we needed to modify some things to make them work the best they could for us.

  • 2. Behind the door measuring cup & spoon organizer using Command Hooks. Since I do a lot of baking for food photography, I wanted to have a well organized baking cupboard. Hanging up the measuring cups & spoons on the back of the cupboard door frees up cupboard space – and, they are so handy! (See the back of the door organization here.)
  • 3. Use drawer slides to turn cabinet shelves into sliding drawers. We used this same trick years ago when we turned one of our lower cabinets into a pantry. Although there are some fancy drawer slide options, we just chose this simple drawer slide and used it in a narrow cupboard. Now I can just pull the shelf out easily to reach my things (instead of having to go on my hands and knees!)
  • 4. Install a lazy susan organizer in a corner cabinet. Corner cabinets are tricky! Ours came with just simple shelves. Even though it was a very narrow opening, I sure could fit a LOT of things in there! The problem was, once it was in there, it was horrible trying to get it out! Installing a lazy susan organizer has been a huge game changer. Now I can swivel it around and easily reach everything I need.

5. Kitchen Drawer Organization

Our kitchen comes with precious little drawer space. I love deep drawers in the kitchen, however, what I needed was a place to store all my kitchen gadgets that I reach for on a regular basis.

I discovered the perfect drawer organization system in an unlikely place – the bathroom organization shelf in a local store. I found a caddy built for makeup brushes that works perfectly in my deep drawer.

Things like ice cream scoops, can openers, and kitchen scissors fit in there perfectly.

See my deep kitchen drawer organization here.

6. Small Lazy Susan Organizers

I repurposed my lazy susans that I had previously used for spices in other shelves in the kitchen. I discovered they are super handy for a short person like me who has a terrible time reaching even the second shelf! I can spin it around to reach items at the back that normally I would need to stand on a chair to get.

One lazy susan is in my baking cupboard and holds my baking supplies like salt, baking powder, baking soda, and vanilla. Another holds my small teapot, creamer & sugar, and everything I need to grab quickly to make a friend a cup of tea.

Shop Kitchen Organization

I’ve put together a list of similar items we used in this Amazon Shop list.

I’ll also include links below to other sources for kitchen organization if you like to shop in other stores other than Amazon.

Happy organizing!

More Kitchen Organization Ideas

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  1. I had kind of forgotten about lazy susans! My parents had some in their corner cupboards for the same reason – it’s so dang hard to reach the back of those things. These are all great ideas, thanks for sharing!

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