Cleaning up Confusion About which Norwex Dishcloth to Use in the Kitchen

Tired of smelly dishcloths in the kitchen sink? Get details on the BEST dishcloths I’ve found and the secret to keep them smelling fresh!

I’ve struggled for years (decades, even?) with the dreaded stinky dishcloth issue.

You, too?

I’ve tried all the tricks – like rinsing out with cold water after each use and hanging to dry. It seemed no matter what I tried, they always started to stink in a short time.

Until I met Norwex products.


I fell head over heels in love with the Norwex envirocloth & window cloth, so of course, I wanted to find out what Norwex recommended for the kitchen.

They have lots of great options.

Buckle up, Buttercup! I’m going to walk you through their many options, and you can determine which one will work best for you.

The Norwex Cloth Selection Specially Designed for the Kitchen

Disclosure:The following contains affiliate links for Amazon. Norwex can also be purchased through independent consultants. Look for one in your area.

Norwex Cloths for washing dishes

I was so confused about the huge selection of Norwex cloths for the kitchen. “Whey are there so many different ones?”, I wondered.

I finally understood that there were so many options because Nowex’s trademark bac-loc system doesn’t love dish soap! If you read my post (or watched the video) on the Norwex envirocloth, you’ll know that many of Norwex’s cloth have a built in bac-loc system. This built-in micro silver system goes to work purifying the cloth after it has been wet with water. However, dish soap clogs up the working power of Bac-loc.

Thus, there are some amazing Norwex cloth solutions that are specifically designed without bac-loc to use when washing dishes:

  • The netted dishcloth ~ A generous sized nylon cloth, this Norwex cloth isn’t harmful to non-stick pans, and also cleans up flour on the cupboard very well! I use this every day at my house.
  • The all purpose kitchen cloth (without bac-loc) ~ This microfiber cloth has high density microfiber cleaning power and is more like a soft traditional dishcloth that people are accustomed to.

Norwex Counter Cloth

Norwex kitchen cloths work so well cleaning off cupboards, microwaves, appliances and all kitchen surfaces. Nothing I’ve ever used compares to the quality of cleaning they do. They come in a whole variety of beautiful colors to match your kitchen.

This high density microfiber cloth with bac-loc is designed to be used with just water (without soap). I usually do a quick wipe of my counters with my netted dishcloth first (to pick up all the larger food bits), and then wipe down well with the counter cloth.

Norwex Dish Towels

Norwex microfiber dish towels come in the same colors as the counter cloths – so if you’re a color coordinator, they have you covered! Also a high density microfiber cloth with bac-loc, they can absorb an incredible amount of water – perfect for drying dishes perfectly!

To clean pots and pans with stuck on stains:

Norwex has some special products for this, too.

How do you wash Norwex cloths?

Norwex kitchen cloths will need to be laundered approximately every week -depending on how hard they have been working for you!

To launder, I recommend washing them in the washing machine with Norwex laundry detergent with a scoop of Norwex microfiber cleaner laundry booster – or another type of laundry detergent that isn’t filled with fillers and heavy with scented chemicals.

Avoid using any kind of laundry detergent with fillers as well as fabric softeners, dryer sheets, & bleach. 

How do you prevent Kitchen Dish Cloths from stinking?

Stinky kitchen cloths are my pet peeve!! I’ve discovered the key to keeping cloths from smelling is actually in the dishsoap!

Opt for a “clean” type of dish soap like seventh generation for keeping cloths smelling good for as long as possible!

To Purchase Norwex products you’ve been wishing for

Norwex is available through independent consultants. You can probably find one in your area by searching for one on Facebook.

I did, however, find some available on Amazon, and I have linked above and below:

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  1. As long as you use free and clear dish soap with no fragrance you can still use soap with your cloths. I do this all the time.

  2. What is the difference between the Norwex Kitchen Cloth and the Norwex Counter Cloth? What is the purpose of each? It appears either could replace the traditional kitchen dishrag, but I’m not sure.

  3. I am concerned that I’ve been using my NORWEX Counter Cloth to do my dishes with DAWN dish soap for two weeks now. Have I ruined the cloth. I was not advised by the salesperson that I should NOT wash my dishes with this counter cloth. She was aware that I wanted to do my dishes with a bacteria free cloth. Now I read there is a special dishwashing cloth I can use. I will discuss this with the salesperson. If I hadn’t looked up yiur website, I reckon I would never know all this. Will you let me know if I’ve ruined my counter cloth!!! And if not, what can I do to refurbish it.

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