Simple Under Kitchen Sink Organization + DIY Under the Sink Mat

Spiff up your kitchen with this simple under kitchen sink organization and DIY under sink mat.

Kitchen organization is tricky.

Along with figuring out how to organize kitchen cabinets, I’ve also struggled with the under kitchen sink organization.

Is it terrible to admit that I detest cleaning and avoid organizing under there?

But, I tackled it just the other day.

And, I’m happy to report – it wasn’t bad at all!

Simple Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas + a DIY Cabinet Mat

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1. Get started with under kitchen sink organization by emptying it all out

A dirty cupboard that needs organizing under the kitchen sink.
Before the quick under the kitchen sink organization project.

I guess it goes without saying that to clean up the space you need to empty everything out!

2.Set all the containers to soak in hot soapy water

Garbage cans soaking in water and a sink full of soapy water with organizational containers in it.

While I tackled scrubbing out the cabinet itself, I set the smaller containers in the sink to soak, and put hot soapy water in the garbage and recycling bins.

3. Wash the cabinet out well

Dirty under kitchen sink cabinet with a cloth and bottle of cleaning spray beside it.

I no longer use strong chemical cleaners in my home. This time, I reached for a spray bottle and just put in some dishsoap with water.

Cupboard under the sink cleaned and dried out.

Although it was much improved in the cleanliness department, I noticed that stains easily form on the cabinet floor, and the finish is starting to wear off in some places. 

I had seen some great under the sink cabinet mats at a local store for just that purpose, but I decided to try making one quickly using supplies I already had at home.

4. Make an easy DIY under sink cabinet floor mat

Supplies you’ll need:

  • A big cardboard box (Amazon helped me with that!;))
  • Tape measure
  • X-acto knife
  • Scissors
  • Long straight edge (like a square or level)
  • Marble look contact paper
Pictures of the steps to make a DIY under sink mat
  1. Unfold the cardboard box so it is flat.
  2. Cut the cardboard to fit the measurements of your under the sink cabinet floor.
  3. Cut 2 pieces of marble look contact paper slightly longer than the width of the cardboard.
  4. Peel off the backing of the contact paper and adhere it to the cardboard, wrapping it underneath the edges. (I just overlapped the contact paper.)
finished DIY under cabinet mat

That new under sink mat makes the space feel so much fresher and cleaner!

Advantages of an under sink mat

I’ll admit, I tried this trick a few years ago and loved it. The contact paper is so easy to clean off. AND, it protected our cabinet from disaster! I didn’t realize we had a slight leak under there. By the time I discovered it, the cardboard was soaked through.

Yes, it did destroy my little diy, but it sure protected the cabinet! I’m glad I finally got around to replacing it now.

5. Get rid of all items you no longer use 

Most of the items under the sink were things that we use on a regular basis. However, I laughed at my neatly folded knitted dishcloths in the plastic container.

I hadn’t reached for one of them in well over a year! (I use a different kind now. Keep reading…)

6. Put items back in an order that makes sense to how you use it, and use containers strategically for under kitchen sink organization

DIY under sink mat placed in cabinet under the kitchen sink

Our cabinet is quite deep, so I put the garbage bags behind the garbage cans. Then, when I take the garbage out to empty it, I can easily reach back and grab a new bag.

organized under sink cupboard with under cabinet mat
A simple under the kitchen sink organization system.

The dishcloth container was refilled with the actual dishcloths we use now – giving much needed space to my overflowing towel drawer!

The other plastic container holds dishsoap and pot scrubbers.

Best & recommended under kitchen sink organization products

Disclosure: These are affiliate links for your shopping convenience

If you are looking for specific products for under your kitchen sink, here are some things that I think would work well:


More Kitchen Projects using Marble Effect Contact Paper

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