What is a Norwex EnviroCloth and How do I Use It?

Find out why people are raving fans of the Norwex EnviroCloth.

When it comes to housecleaning, I have 2 requirements – quick and easy!

Over the years, I even studied how to speed clean my house so I could get better at it.

My cleaning cupboard was filled to overflowing with bottles and bottles of cleaning supplies.

I somehow thought that if a product smelled really strong, I was doing a good job of cleaning. 

Like the saying goes, “When we know better, we do better.”

Now I know better.

I had no idea how harmful those cleaning chemicals were for my family’s overall health. But, now I do.

So, I threw them all out and switched to an entirely new safer way of cleaning.

The Norwex Envirocloth was my first step in that direction.

 Norwex Envirocloth 

Update: I am no longer a Norwex independent consultant. To order products through Norwex, look for a Norwex independant consultant in your area.

What is a Norwex envirocloth?

The Norwex Envirocloth is a microfiber cleaning cloth that can be used to clean by just wetting it with water.

Yes – just water! No strong and smelly chemicals are necessary.

Why are people raving fans of the this cleaning cloth?

After I got my first EnviroCloth as a birthday gift, it quickly became one of my top 5 Norwex products.  I quickly realized why people loved it so:

  • Although technically a “microfiber” cloth, it is such a superior quality over my previous Dollar store ones that there was no comparison!
  • It can be used to clean most anything in the house using just water – no harmful chemicals necessary!
  • Cleaning can be streamlined and so much quicker with this simple system.
  • After using the cloth, it can be rinsed out under the tap, wrung out, and hung to dry. The built in Bac-Loc purifying system goes to work to purify the cloth as it dries so it’s ready to use again the next day!
  • It’s an economical and budget friendly cleaning solution.

If you’d like to hear the specifics of what sets Norwex EnviroCloths apart, I put together this video demonstrating how they work and why I love them so:

What do you use the EnviroCloth to clean?

Like I mentioned previously, the EnviroCloth can be used to clean everything in the house. In fact, we call it the “everything” cloth!

Here are some ways I use it by wetting it with tap water:

  • Dust down furniture and shelves – which I love to do when I get the urge to decorate for a new season!
  • Wipe down bathroom vanity, sink, bathtub, shower,  toilet, and mirror.
  • Clean up spills on stove top, in microwave, sink, on cupboard doors, and kitchen appliances.
  • Wash the spots off windows – inside and out.
  • Clean up spills on the carpet.
  • Wipe down the dashboard, door sides, and console in the car.
  • Spot clean spills on clothes.
  • Clean the paint off my feet when I accidentally spray them with spray paint. (No joke – It worked like a charm!)

Is the Norwex EnviroCloth expensive?

If you compare just the cost of the cloth to the cost of a Dollar Store microfiber cloth, you’ll see right away that the Norwex option is more expensive (and MUCH higher quality).

However, once you factor in the fact that you will not need chemical cleaners anymore, you’ll find it is actually substantially cheaper!

Norwex cloths have a warrenty of 2 years (but many people use them much longer than that…) -meaning they cost a whopping 83 cents (Canadian) per month! I think it is a bargain cleaning solution, personally.

How do you care for and launder the Norwex EnviroCloth?

After each use of the EnviroCloth, I rub it together vigorously under hot tap water until the water runs clear. Then I wring it out well and hang it to dry.

Because of the built in bac loc purifying system, you can use the cloth multiple times before laundering it. Depending on what I’ve been using it for, I generally wash it after a week of daily use. (But, it is definitely a personal preference thing!)

To launder the Norwex EnviroCloth (and all of Norwex’s cloths), they can be done so in the washer:

  • Do not add them in with a load of other cloths as the microfiber doesn’t like to get lint stuck in it from other cloth fibers!
  • Use hot water.
  • Do not use laundry detergent with any fillers. (I recommend Norwex laundry detergent and microfiber booster.)
  • Do not use liquid fabric softeners or fabric softener sheets in the dryer.
  • Use woolen dryer balls or synthetic dryer balls with Norwex cloths and dry them in the dryer
  • If you have a washing machine that weighs the cloths and adds water according to the weight, fully wet all Norwex cloths before adding them to the washer. Norwex cloths are VERY absorbent and lightweight, so the washing machine won’t give them enough water if they are added in dry.

To deep clean Norwex EnviroCloths:

From time to time, you may notice that your EnviroCloth is extra dirty and / or may have a bit of a smell to it. If that happens, it is telling you it needs a deep clean. No problem! Here’s the simple way to deep clean your EnviroCloth:

  • Place a small amount of no filler laundry detergent into a plugged sink and add in a kettle full of boiling water. 
  • Using a wooden spoon, carefully submerge the EnviroCloth (or cloths) into the water.
  • Add additional boiling water until all cloths are fully submerged.
  • Soak the cloths and stir around occasionally with a wooden spoon.
  • You will notice the water getting VERY dirty. That means the boiling water is doing its deep cleaning!
  • Soak for at least 1/2 hour or overnight.
  • Rinse well and launder in the washing machine and dry in the dryer.

How many Norwex EnviroCloths do you need to clean your whole house?

This is totally based on preference! However, Norwex does offer the EnviroCloth in various colors so you can create your own color coded system if you’d like.

Here’s what I do:

  • Pink is for bathrooms
  • Gray is for windows and other general cleaning.

Since I now have a collection of Norwex cloths, I use kitchen Norwex cloths, but if I didn’t have them, I would have one color of EnviroCloth designated for the kitchen, too.

Where can I purchase a Norwex EnviroCloth?

Unfortunately, Norwex products are only available through independent consultants.

Simply reach out to a consultant in your area (you can put the question on Facebook and I’m sure someone will answer!) to order Norwex products.

How do I start switching my whole house cleaning system over to Norwex?

That’s a good question. It can be daunting to know where to start!

Thankfully, Norwex has put together a some great packages of items perfect for people wanting to start out with Norwex. They would make great gifts for Christmas,  new brides, college students, or YOU if you want to get started with Norwex. Because they are packages of items, there is a cost savings as well.

Here are 2 options I highly recommend. The basic package contains:

  • An EnviroCloth
  • A window cloth

Those are the exact 2 things I started out with!

 Another option is the Safe Haven 5 package which includes:

  • An EnviroCloth
  • A window cloth
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Cleaning Paste
  • Dusting mitt

I use all of those products on a regular basis.

To Purchase Norwex products you’ve been wishing for

Find a Norwex independent consultant in your area. I’m sure they’ll be very happy to help you out!

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