How to Speed Clean a House Merrier Than a Maid | Podcast Episode 12

Episode 12: Show notes

Today we’re going to tackle the riveting and thrilling topic of housecleaning! Whether you are someone who dances with glee over the thought of dusting shelves and cleaning toilets, or someone who would rather hired someone else to do that – we’re going to talk about some tips and tricks I learned from the pros when it comes to getting the cleaning tasks checked off our to do lists.

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Have you ever wondered how to clean a house fast?

The truth is, for those of us with a home to live in, that home also comes with a rather long list of responsibilities to keep it.

Yes, things can be neglected and ignored if we just don’t feel like dealing with them, but over time, the neglected and ignored can build up and build up to the point the place is such an overwhelming disaster that a person doesn’t even begin to know where to start to try to get it back in order.

Cleaning is one of those things. Even if you are good at tidying up and organization, cleaning is one of those pesky tasks that if left undone for long enough, it can lead to quite the unpleasant and messy situation! And, let’s face it – many people are juggling full time jobs, raising kids, and looking after a house at the same time.That’s a lot of things to be managing!

I realized early on that if I was going to keep on top of the housecleaning tasks, I was going to have to come up with a system that was quick and efficient.

Click PLAY on today’s episode to find out how I studied to figure out how to clean a house fast and some tips & tricks to make it easier.

Parts of this Podcast Episode on how to clean house fast!

  • Housecleaning habits we learn from our moms (or not!)
  • What happens when we google “how much does a maid cost” and realize we can’t afford one!
  • The book that helped me learn basic methods of speed cleaning
  • Tips and tricks I learned about housecleaning from Molly Maid

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