30 Canning Recipes Just Like Grandma Made

Practice the art of preserving food with this amazing collection of canning recipes.

As a farmer’s daughter in Montana, summers always meant helping mom in the garden. I can’t say that I was necessarily an eager helper, but I did get lots of experience!

I remember snapping beans, washing cucumbers, packing jars, and pulling skins off peaches.

I no longer tend to a garden half the size of a city block, but I know some of you do – with gardens even larger than that!

So, today I’ve rounded up a whole bunch of beautiful canning recipes. Some of them remind me of my Mom’s & Grandma’s recipes.


I hope you’ll enjoy using them to preserve your beautiful garden bounty.

During those long, cold Winter months, you’ll be so glad to reach into your pantry, pull out a beautiful homemade canned good, and enjoy a taste of Summer!

Happy Canning.

Canning Recipes (Just Like Grandma’s!)

Canning Vegetables Recipes

Canned vegetables from the garden are such a delicious thing to have on hand!

Canning Pickles Recipes

There was always a large plot of cucumbers in Mom's garden. We had pickles and pickles for every occasion! Here are some pickle recipes that look yummy.

Canning Jam and Jelly Recipes

This is one thing I love to have on hand. Nothing can beat homemade jam or jelly on a piece of hot peanut butter toast or english muffin!

Canning Fruit Recipes

Sometimes it's hard to know what to do with a bumper crop of things like apples! Here are some options for canned fruit recipes.

For more easy recipes and ideas for your home:

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  1. Hi Rita
    Thank you so much for sharing this! I am going to try canning jam this year and use your recipes.
    I bought a pressure canner a few weeks ago so that we can can all the salmon my husband catch every year instead of paying a local company to do it. Last night I made our first batch of 16 pint size canned salmon. The pressure canner worked exactly as the instructions and YouTube videos I watched before trying it. I was a bit nervous to use the pressure canner, but feel much more confident already especially because it kept the pressure at the constant 10 psi as I should have! Today I am making another batch.

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