Thank You, Handmade Home

Since I discovered the world of DIYing blogs {last year!}, there have been a few “staples” that I go to on a regular basis.  Ashley from the Handmade Home is one of them.

thehandmadehome_header_v2 (1)

Nearly every day I treat myself to a little visit to her blog world.  I’ve mentioned her to you before.  Her kitchen was one of the inspiration kitchens for our little kitchen makeover.


She also has the cutest printables  that she does each month…and they ended up in my kitchen, too.

vintage kitchen prints

I just love Ashley’s style, colors, and creative projects.  I was all excited when she recently was on the Nate Show.  It’s fun to watch someone that you feel like you already “know” a bit.

Today’s weather was quite gray and drizzly here on the coast.  That, combined with our cozy  fire had lulled me into a bit of sleepy comatose this afternoon.  I came up here to my computer for some blog perusing.  Once again, I clicked on my “Handmade Home” link.

As it was loading up, I thought, “hmmm, that looks like my kitchen.”


That IS my kitchen!”

handmade home screen shot

If you heard a strange squealing noise around 2:30 this afternoon…I confess.  It was me. Simultaneously, my heart started to race and I wanted to burst into tears.  Suddenly, I wasn’t sleepy anymore!

Ashley so kindly featured our kitchen makeover in her blog today.  I’m humbled.  {…and excited!}

Thank you, Ashley.

You blessed my heart…


You can see the post here.

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