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Are you struggling with knowing how to add a touch of farmhouse style to your home? Here are my Top 10 sources for Modern Farmhouse Inspiration. 

It dawned on me a just few weeks ago. I was suffering with a malady that I’ve watched others encounter many times.

Rest assured, though, this illness didn’t require a doctor’s care. No special pills, ointments, x-rays, or herbal remedies was going to fix this.

Archway doorway with flowers beside leading into a kitchen
Source: Melissa at the Inspired Room

What it did require, though, was a little help from my friends.

“What in the world are you talking about?,” you may ask.

Although embarrassing to admit ~ I was struck with Analysis Paralysis.

White couch with pillows and a gallery wall of pictures behind it
Layla @ The Lettered Cottage

Have you heard of it?

By definition,it is:

 the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.

As a home decor blogger, I feel it’s my job to show my readers  “quick and easy” ways to create a beautiful home.

Powder bathroom antique vanity with copper sink and antique mirror
Natalie @ My Vintage Porch

The push to have superstar projects and rooms can be overwhelming at times. I want to come up with creative & practical solutions that I can practice and teach.

I wanted to get a head start on a room makeover in my own house to coincide with the One Room Challenge that starts later this week.  It should have been a fun process, but whenever I thought about it, I couldn’t make one decision!

As I pondered what my problem was, it finally dawned on me.

picture of white farmhouse kitchen with a high ceiling with wood beams
Ashley & Jamin @ The Handmade Home

I was scared.

Almost all of my former homes were of the “fixer upper” variety to one extreme or another. Honestly, they were a hot. mess.

Living in homes like that made me much less fearful to start a project. After all, nothing could be worse than what was already there.

I painted 70’s paneling, took the doors off cupboards, turned a basement corner into a craft room, and found that painting a stairway was better than a workout at the gym.

But, now?

cozy white chair sitting in a corner with a lamp behind and a stand with pink flowers on the side
Source: Abby @ Just a Girl and Her Blog

Now, I live in a place that’s already pretty.

light blue painted church pew with a shelf with hooks above it
Source: Rachel @ Shades of Blue Interiors

It has insulated walls with nice drywall on them. The floors are covered with lovely laminate, carpet, and linoleum. The cupboard doors close nicely and the shower isn’t falling off the wall.

My analysis paralysis was brought on by the fear of messing something up or making a wrong purchase!

Have you ever felt the same way?

White Dining Room table with a flower centerpiece on it and a hutch in the background with coral flowers
Source: Sarah Joy @ Little Vintage Nest

Lest you assume we home decor bloggers have it all together at all times, rest assured, this one doesn’t!;)

Dining Room with beaded chandelier, burlap curtains, and white table with wood buckets of greenery on it
Source: KariAnn from Thistlewood Farms

Although I absolutely love doing room makeovers and making order out of chaos, I like to have a plan before I start.

This time I needed some help with a plan.

modern farmhouse style living room with white furniture and wood accents

Source: Erin a Cotten Stem

I wrote down every decision I was struggling with.

Then I went to my friends.

picture of office with wood antique hutch and desk
Marion @ Miss Mustard Seed

Those “friends” are all bloggers whose sites I’ve linked to in the pictures in this post. (Click on their names to go to their amazingly beautiful sites.)

Although I don’t know them personally, they are fellow bloggers who inspire me with their creative projects and cozy homes.

White and mint country kitchen
Source: Christina @ The DIY Mommy

I studied their pictures & searched their sites for specific information on the areas I was having trouble with.

I watched their Instastories, Facebook lives, and even e-mailed some of them.

Coffee table in living room with bouquet of yellow and white flowers
Source: Lucy @ Craftberry Bush

It was a bit awkward  at first, as I’ve viewed them as my “heros” ~ both in the blogging & decor world.

But, do you know what I found? Their kindness, creativity, and words encouraged me.

They gave me courage to get going.

I’m still working on a plan, but at least I’m not completely stuck and paralyzed anymore.

So, today, can I give you a word of encouragement? Don’t let fear stop you from starting. It’s ok that you don’t have the whole thing figured out immediately. Take it one decision at a time.

And don’t be afraid to go to some friends for help. You’ll be glad you did.

PS. I’d love to know what decision is holding you back from working on a space in your home. Is it the budget? Choosing the room? The paint colors? Wondering which couch is the right dimensions for your room? What wallpaper to choose?

If I know what your questions are, I just might have the perfect resource to help. I have some experience in that department. After all, I’m looking for it myself!;)

Comment your answers below, or feel free to e-mail me at harbourbreeze@hotmail.ca.

Let’s figure it out together!:)

Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Encouraging read! My big struggle right now is with figuring out counter stools for our kitchen island. We have our “wants” for the stool – we want a back on the stool because we have young children; we want a soft seat that swivels; and of course the correct height for our counter. The hold-up for us seems to be the finishes, and how to coordinate with our dark wood cabinets and “beigy” finishes. Do we try to match a wood stool to the wood of our cabinets? If not matching, what finishes/color would you suggest? Thanks!

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