Painted Sand Dollar

skinny driftwood

Welcome back to the 31 Days series.  Now that we have a few introductory things covered, we’re going to jump right into crafting.  For the next few days, I’m going to feature some driftwood projects.  We’re fortunate to live right by many beautiful beaches, so it’s fun to find ways to bring a little beach decor into our homes!  The first project features this humble, little piece of driftwood…

square driftwood

I just love its texture and the cool nail holes.  (Yep, I’m easily amused!)

As I began this project, I first discovered this image on Pinterest:

sand dollar outline

Using the basic decorative painting methods  I described here, I used the above image as my template guide and modified it slightly.

sand dollar

So, it went from this:


To this…

sand dollar

I wove jute into the holes and tied it at the top to finish it off.

And now, tucked into the corner of my Living Room bookcase, this poor little abandoned board becomes beach decor!

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