A Wall of Possibilities

Remember how I told you about the amazing Wall Doctor wallpaper?  Well, I finished my latest project with it.  It turned this wall:wall before 2

wall before 1

Into this…

from dryer

side of wall

Let me tell you, that stuff covers over a multitude of awfulness!  Those plywood walls had all sorts of gouges, nicks, & cracks.  No, it’s not completely perfect now.  But, it’s sure a whole lot better!

{If you want to see how I apply wallpaper, click here.}

Now I have a dilemma ~  what should I do with all that beautiful wall space??  Here’s some inspiration pictures that I’ve been pondering:

I love those white shelves on that white wall.

These shelves are neat, too, and even on beadboard!

This one has great storage ideas, and that “create” sign is so fun!

Source: houzz.com via Rita on Pinterest

I think that shelf/ cubby thing is kinda neat.  And this picture makes a basketful of wrapping paper sitting on the floor look good!

Honestly, I still don’t know what exactly I’m going to do…

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  1. Oh Rita, its absolutely stunning! And your inspiration photos… yep I think you are onto something here! We have our wrapping paper in a huge crock that has a crack down one side so it can no longer be used for pickles. But it sure does look lovely filled with wrapping paper and the like… I guess that means I need to get on the ball and finish the room its in one of these days! 🙂

  2. The wall is sooo much better! I can imagine you sitting at this table working on projects and not being made depressed from the ugly wall!! 🙂 There's no doubt that you're inspired by open shelving. 2 of the walls are very similar… maybe a subconscious hint as to what kind of shelving to put up?
    Looking forward to seeing progress pics!

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