Beachy Blues Floral Trend 2014

When Ashley from ProFlowers contacted me and asked if I’d like to participate in an article on floral trends for 2014, I thought it sounded like fun~

mostly, because they’ve done all the work as far as the “trends” part goes.

Honestly, I don’t have a hot clue as to what the 2014 trends for anything is.

Except the color of the year.

It’s orchid.  {Did you know that?}

pantone radiant orchid

{Via Pantone}

The ProFlowers article Ashley referred to gave all kinds of ideas and inspiration in the area of all things floral.  I don’t tend to let “trends” dictate my decorating.  But, I do know whether I like something or not.  I was instantly drawn to the beautiful blue florals and read that one of the 2014 trends is

towards water colors—as in, the colors of water. Blue hydrangeas, delphiniums and irises pair with shades of lavender, purple orchids and blue-green succulents to form displays as cool and relaxing as a dip in the bay.”

Well, that is right up this blue-loving girl’s alley!  Here are a few inspiration pictures I’ve discovered that goes with the current beachy blue blooms trend.



I find I’m often drawn to blue paired with white.  They just seem to belong together ~ like fluffy clouds and a big, blue sky.Blue Floral Tea Cup Planter


Florals can be added  into our homes through printed accessories ~ like the teacup above ~ or even fabric.



Sometimes the watery blue look can be achieved through pretty glass bottles with simple, assorted buds and blooms.

Beach House Decorating with Natural Elements


I also noticed that one of the trends is to put flowers in unusual containers ~ like the old silver cups above.  I just love the whole “coastal” look of the arrangement above ~ blue wall backdrop, driftwood colored wood, white, and a splash of green!

What current floral trend is your favorite?  (The Country Garden one came in a close second in my book!)

If you want to see some more of my beach cottage floral looks, you can find them on my Pinterest board.

Discosure:  I was not compensated in any way for this article.  I just enjoyed researching and learning about fun, pretty floral things.

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