The {Grand} Tour of the New Entryway!

I’ve been giving you sneak peeks of the Entryway project I’ve been working on.  One of the things I love about blogging is the incentive it gives to actually finish projects.  It seems like I can fuss and fiddle and start projects galore.  But, at what point is something finished and it’s time to move on?

I decided today was the day.  So, I’m throwing the door open wide and showing you the whole kit-n-caboodle Entryway.

front door to entryway ps

Come on in!

This whole project started with a bee in my bonnet to make our entryway “grand”.

Not “grand” in a glitzy arrogant kind of way.  But, the kind of “grand” that would be happy and welcoming and reflect those of us who live here.

paddle and mirror ps

{***Side Note:  Yes, I did use rope instead of wood for trim on the stairway …}

I  think it’s most fun to start at the very beginning.

You know, the day  we stepped in the door with our boxes and dreams and desire to make this place feel like a home for our little family.  Here was that day:

DSC00432 - Copy

Over the years, the Entryway has had it’s share of spiff ups.  This is how it looks this morning:

entryway gallery wall final2

The narrow little hallway with floor to ceiling railings on one side was just begging to be a little more happy…


She’s smiling pretty big now…


I think the biggest impact on the space (other than paint in general!) is the stripes…

hallway and stairs

Oh, mercy, those stripes make me happy.

The closet is a close second.  The cavernous space with a rod full of hangers, a shoe shelf that things were constantly falling off, and no door drove me wild…

closet before

I snapped that picture right before I emptied the whole thing out, and turned it into this:

closet after ps

I still have some more work to do in there, but it’s already so much more user friendly!

move in entrance

Underneath the wallpaper you see in the above photo is about 6 more layers.  I discovered the practicality of painting over wallpaper years ago.  Sometimes that’s a good option in strange situations like this one.  We actually did the majority of the painting years ago ~ settling on White Down by Benjamin Moore as the main color.

entryway hallway

This recent project was just a little {$0} “spiff up”.

whole hallway from kitchen after 2 ps

The stairwell gallery wall pictures were all made with scrap wood and leftover house paint.

whole wall final

The other art work was things I already had ~ except this paddle:

finished paddle

It was in pretty rough shape when I rescued it from the mud…

broken paddle

A little glue and some stain and paint gave it a new life.


I also modified a family command center I made a while ago into this:

pottery barn inspired family command center at harbour breeze

Tucked right behind the front door, we finally have a place to hang our keys (and put our sunglasses!).  The chalkboard’s kind of fun, too…

It makes me feel just a teeny tiny bit like a teacher.Smile

behind the door

It’s had a few changes to take it from here:

House Pics

To here:

Entryway Hallway

Have a great week!  I’m actually spending a few days visiting a friend in the next province over.  So, I’ll chat with you again when I get back…

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  1. It is so fresh and lovely Rita!! Amazing job on it… I would certainly feel welcome walking into such a beautiful space! I love the striped walls… had been trying to decide between stripes or board and batten but with our looooong hallway attached to our entry I figured the horizontal stripes might emphasize the length. I love how they turned out in your space though. Great work, I bet you will seriously enjoy stepping back into it when you return from your trip away!!

  2. My favorite parts are the rope trim and stripes! It all loves so lovely! BTW this is my first time visiting your site so I thought I’d say hi!

  3. Hi Rita! Can’t wait to see the latest room transformation! You have such great style and taste…a real eye for beauty. I’ll be ‘tuning in’ to see the results. I know I’ll love it!

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