My Favorite Ikea Stocking Stuffers for the Kitchen and a Giveaway!

Seriously, it’s November already? Where in the world did the year go? I just counted:

only 8 more weeks ’til Christmas!!

In celebration of the upcoming holiday, I’m excited to be a part of a fun stocking stuffer giveaway with some of my feller Sweet Tea-ers.  YOU could be one of the winners of an awesome “My Favorite Things Stocking Stuffer” giveaway!! Merry early Christmas to you! Keep on reading for the details…


As I was on the hunt in Ikea for some specific storage solutions for our One Room Challenge, I was also on the look-out for some fun stocking stuffer ideas (for you!!). I chose to look in the kitchen section, since that’s an area that most women spend at least a little time every day. I ended up reaching for things that I use on a daily basis…

Here’s a few of my Favorite Ikea Kitchen Things:

Pretty Napkins


Along with a great selection of well priced plain colored napkins, I love Ikea’s pretty napkins, too. These watery blue ones jumped into my cart lickety split!

Dish Towels


I’m ashamed to admit the state of some of my dishtowels. I’m not quite sure why I’ve hung onto the old ratty-tattered ones?? Since it’s something I reach for every. single. day. I decided it was time for some pretty new ones. This set of 2 is so cute with plaid  floral in coordinating colors.



Raise your hand if you’re still using the potholders you got at your bridal shower 26 years ago…Is it just me with my hand up? I decided it was long overdue to replace my favorites (with holes!!) with this pretty oversized gray set.

Pretty Decor


I had never seen these cute metal plates before and fell instantly in love with them. Their lacey edge makes them feel delicate, and the possibilities are endless as to what you can do with them. I immediately thought of putting in 4 of my favorite scented candles (vanilla), but you could also fill it with colored beans and put in a large candle…or a fake artichoke.:)


As a special gift to you, you can enter to win a set of my favorite Ikea kitchen things (and use them right along with me!!:).  Just follow the directions of the form below to enter.


The giveaway ends on Wednesday November 9, and a winner will be chosen at random then. Good luck!


Also, the opportunities don’t end here! Head on over to Practical Mommy’s site and enter to win another great stocking stuffer package. And, if you want to keep on going, there are 15 bloggers participating in this stocking stuffer giveaway event. Have fun, and in your travels, I’m quite certain you’ll get quite a few helpful stocking stuffer ideas!

Links to the other Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Participants:

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  1. Thanks for the chance to enter, Rita!! I love everything you put in the stocking and that you bought the items from Ikea.

  2. I love drink stirrers and wine bottle stoppers….though I suppose that is more for the bar, isn’t it? I also really like pretty kitchen towels.

  3. I think dish towels are a great idea for a stocking stuffer. It’s not something people buy for themselves regularly, but something everyone can use.
    Thank you!

  4. A good quality silicon spatula or a nice wooden spoon is always a great gift. If the recipient has a pepper grinder, some peppercorns are good, too.

  5. Love the kitchen towels idea! Reminds me of a related one – using functional wrapping “paper” – like kitchen towels. so cute! Thanks for this

  6. I have seen a lot of measuring cups and spoons that come in really cute shapes. I have some that are nesting dolls and super cute. I think they would make a great kitchen stocking stuffer for someone.

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