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At various points in my life, I’ve taken up journaling. Just recently, I picked up a fun new journal and started the habit again. I’d like to say I never miss a day (that would be untrue), but I often pick it up and write down things to be thankful for, prayer requests, and things God is teaching me right now.

christian music

Thanks to my new Songza exercise in the kitchen, I’ve been discovering some really neat new Christian songs. (Well, at least new to me!) As I hear songs I  like, I jot them down in my journal. I already have quite a long list of “favorites”.

So, I thought I’d share with you on Sundays 2 songs that are on my list. They’ve blessed my heart and I hope they bless yours, too.

{ I fully understand that these songs might not be some of your “cups of tea” as music preference is a personal thing. I’m kinda funny about music. I like LOTS of different kinds and styles ~ from country to classical to “dance party” to0… I just don’t like the kind that seems to be yelling at me! Ha!:)}

{Thrive by Casting Crowns}

{Flawless by Mercy Me}

If the links don’t show up on your browser, just click the title below to open up in a new window.


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  1. Wow. That Flawless video uses really powerful images with
    all the defacing paint being removed, bit by bit. A very
    hopeful video for all of us. Thanks, Rita.

  2. Love that Flawless song! It’s a new one for me. Yes, very hopeful! Have you heard of Spotify? It’s what I listen to now. Lots of playlists and complete albums.

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