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I’m finding indoor photography tricky (does anyone else?). I’ve been reading…and practicing…and reading… You get the picture. (Ha! That’s punny!)
From what I’ve read, it is preferred to do indoor pictures in natural light. However, my reality is ~ my house doesn’t have an abundance of that “natural light”!


Trying to take pictures of Colin’s room proved to be a huge challenge. When I didn’t use the flash, the color turned wonky. When I did use the flash, the color turned wonky. When I adjusted the white balance, the color turned even wonkier!



(Ewww!! It’s peach!!!)

So, my son helped me with an experiment. We took various lamps and flashlights and “flooded” the room with light. I thought we were on to something. But…the pictures were all sort of orange!

What did I then do? Oh, I’m so glad you asked…:) I set up the camera on the tripod, attached a coffee filter with a rubber band over my pop-up flash (it’s supposed to “diffuse” the light), and set the camera on self-timer with a 2 second time (to eliminate the movement of me physically pushing the shutter button). I focused on the subject while the light was on. Then I turned the lights off! (They have a sort of a yellowy glass over them) I set the camera to “shutter priority” and 4 seconds. The flash flooded the room with light for just a short time, but the slow shutter speed soaked it all it.

4 sec., f/8.0, ISO:200

Hallelujah! It’s finally the right color! I still had to add some fill light in *Picasa, but at least the room doesn’t look fruit-colored!:)

*Picasa is my current “go to” photo editing program. You can download it free from the internet. It is a simple and quick program that comes in handy as I go through the agony of learning Photoshop!

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  1. Hi Rita-

    This is the best tip – with the coffee filter and turning out the lights. I can't wait to try it as I seem to always get that yellow look in nighttime shots.

    Thanks so much for posting it.
    My best- Diane

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