Car Accidents, Tunafish, and Above-the-Bed Wall Decor

I’ve been in a car accident only once (and that’s quite enough, thank you very much!). I was travelling back to college in Alberta after having spent Christmas break at home in Montana. Another student and I were hitching a ride with a newly married staff couple from our college. The husband was from a “tropical” area – like California, or something – and was just getting acquainted with winter driving on the prairies.
All was well while we were on the main highway. The problems started when we turned off onto a small road to enter a town. In a split second, our nice, dry road turned into a sheet of ice. The man was trying desperately to do everything “right”. But, eventually, the car started sliding, and sliding…


It’s so strange to me how the memories of the car accident come back to me in slow motion – when, in fact, it happened very fast. I remember the car approaching the ditch. And the moment that I realized we were going in it… Everything was eerily quiet as the car tilted crazily and started to roll down the embankment. In one beat of our pounding hearts, we were dangling upside down, suspended in air – and held there by our seat belts. (They really do work!) In the next beat, the car had rolled completely over and rested in the snow-filled ditch.

We all breathed in a big shock-filled breaths, and gave our heads a shake…Amazingly, we (and the car) were all just fine.
I’ll never forget what that dear young wife said after that.
“Oh, Honey!” she exclaimed with glee.
“It’s our first accident! We need to take pictures!”
My, I’d love to have a few of those to put on this post right now!:)
The other thing I remember about the accident was this: The car that we were riding in was a mid-sized station-wagony type of thing. All of our stuff was packed into the back of it – right behind our seat. When the car rolled over, a bag-full of items pummeled the backs of our heads. And, MAN! Did that ever HURT! When the dust (or rather, “snow”) settled and I looked down to see what had clunked us so hard, we discovered cans of tuna fish! Apparently it was a sale item that the new wife had stocked up on!
Fast forward to now (about 25 years later!). I’ve been debating over what decor to put above Colin’s bed. A few years ago, I recall hearing that you must be very careful about what your put above your beds. In the event of a (highly unlikely) earthquake, the items can come crashing down on to the person sleeping.
When I think of that, I think of tuna fish…and I want to heed the warning!
So, when I chose to put an old mirror above Colin’s bed… I wired it very securely to the wall!

(Thanks, Mark, for this incredibly cool piece of petrified root (or whatever it is!). I just love it. Pottery Barn would be so proud of your find!)

See that window covering on a branch? … I’ll tell you about that later.

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  1. I am SOOOO enjoying your blog Rita! I am happy to be able to see all your decorating adventures again. I hope you continue with daily posts because I am realizing how much I look forward to them 🙂

  2. Anita, The mirror had no aparatus for hanging. So, I screwed in two of those thingys that are round with a screw on the bottom (I don't know what they're called!)- one on either side. Then I put some strong wire through one end and wrapped it tightly against the screw…and did the same with the other end-leaving a bit of slack. Then in the center of the wire, I twisted a pen around it to make a circle. I attached that circle to the screw. The screw peeks out above the mirror. But, that's o.k. Essentially, I wired the mirror to the screw in the wall. When I want to remove the mirror, I need to remove the screw. wow! that was a long answer! Does it make any sense?:)

  3. I am soooo I am enjoying reading your blog Rita! I am so happy that I can see all of your decorating adventures once again. I am hoping you will continue to post every day posts since I’m realizing how much I enjoy these posts

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