Sunny Day Photo Shoots

Happy Monday morning!!

I always find it awkward to slide back into blogging after there’s been such a long break.  Do I tell you where I’ve been and why I’ve been MIA?  Do you even want to know?  Or do I just jump right back into the next DIY or before and after??  Such important ponderings…;)

But, rather than over think, I’m just going to write and see where it ends up.

I was sad to end the 31 Days series so abruptly last month, but the reason was, we needed to leave the next day to go on a trip.  Between packing and cooking, there just wasn’t time to fit blogging in!  We had a delightful time road-trippin’ with 2 of our boys up to the place we first lived when we were newlyweds.  We crammed in as much visiting as humanly possible in the 2 days we were there, and then loaded up into the van for another 2 day ride home.  It was delightfully exhausting.

Since we’ve been home, I’ve been working up at the camp and neglecting things at home.:)

However, I just now finished unpacking my suitcase AND the sun is shining!

I just can’t get over how motivational it is to see blue sky and bright colors out my windows.


To be honest, I’m not feeling the greatest these days, and when I woke up this morning, I decided it would be wise to rest and try to get on top of this incessant pain.  But, I discovered something quite amazing.  Once I gave myself permission to do NOTHING but curl up on the couch with a book, I realized I really WANTED to do some house things I love…:)

So, I’ve done a little speed cleaning and set up my kitchen for a sunny little photo shoot…

sunny kitchen photo shoot

Perhaps I can finally write about those projects I couldn’t quite finish up in October!:)

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