The Story of Home’s Colourful Series

As I was perusing through the Nester’s list of 31 Days participants, one of the buttons caught my eye.  I clicked on it and discovered this beautiful new (to me!) blog.  Lindsay from The Story of Home is writing a whole 31 Days series on the subject of color!

story of home banner

If you are still struggling with fear, indecision, and paralysis in the area of color for your home, I’m quite certain Lindsay will help!  I especially loved the quotes she included in this post, which directly addressed the issue of fear and risk.

I’ve been stopping in daily for her colour inspiration and tips.  I’m certain you’d like them, too.:)

31 days of color

Have a wonderful weekend.

{This is part of a 31 Days Series.  For a list of all topics, click here.}

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