Moderation, Authenticity, and Balance

I’ve started writing 2 posts this morning.  I deleted them both.

If writing a post is that hard for me, I know it’s time to take a break.  So, I did.  Before I headed downstairs to make another pot of coffee, I decided to treat myself to quickly reading one of my favorite blogs.

Ashley from My Handmade Home introduced a new guest blogger today.  As I read away the delightful words of Erin from Two Story Cottage, one phrase grabbed my attention:

“Moderation. Authenticity. Balance…”

I realized that was exactly the thoughts that have been fluttering through my mind these past few days.  The very thoughts that I was trying ~ with no success ~ to communicate earlier through my now deleted posts.

MODERATION…I’ve been eyeing and drooling over the beautiful Spring colors and home makeovers in blog land lately.  The amount of talent out there is staggering and so inspiring!  I’ve been pondering some beautiful ideas like this one:



{You can find the whole house tour that goes with that beautiful dining room here.}

AUTHENTICITY…But, reality is, I just don’t have time to do things like that right now.  In fact, my home is in various states of neglect.  Summer camps will be here in a blink, and I need to work on some projects in preparation for that.  I’ve been organizing and cleaning up the camp craft shop in preparation for pouring hundreds of plaster moulds,

close up fish

and researching craft ideas so that I can get all the supplies ready.  {Some of last year’s projects were this, this, and this.}

headband ps

BALANCE…It’s no secret that I love to blog. My goal is to blog 5 days a week. Some of you keeners may have already noticed that that hasn’t been happening lately. {Thanks for noticing!}.

This in one of those times in life (that I referred to in my interview with Barbara) that I know I just need to ease up a bit in the blogging department.  Don’t worry, I’ll be back…

But, super duper Spring projects and home decor makeovers are currently on the back burner…

And I’m trying desperately to get some food actually on a burner these days…Winking smile

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  1. One of the things I appreciate the most about your blog is that you are authentic. I can connect with you and your servants heart, limited budget and trying to work with the home that you have. And being in ministry keeps one very busy.
    There are many beautiful homes, including yours, on blogland , and I can try to glean inspiring ideas. But at the end of the day, it’s your struggles, indecision and simple, but attainable and great, ideas that draw me back to your blog.
    BTW, I just realized that by “liking” you on FB, your new posts show up on my newsfeed. Yay!

  2. You’ve hit that nail on the head! I think when blogging becomes too much effort, stress, and a total time-sucker, it’s time to take a step back. Being a creative blogger is a lot of work, and I think moderation, authenticity and balance are so important. Thanks for sharing what so many of us are thinking at times, but don’t know how to put in to words.
    Love your new photo by the way! xo, Shauna

  3. I’ve just discovered your blog (through my mom who commented above:). It is beautiful in all of those trinity of simplicity that you mentioned. Having recently started blogging myself I understand your struggle and your heart. I have two busy little girls and I usually blog after they go to bed as a way to rewind and unwind the day or the week. I too, ideally, started to set up a post five days a week, but I’m learning that some weeks you are a better writer on three or four days, than trying to stretch yourself out over five. Sometimes we all need to breathe:)


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