Adventures of Decorating with Boys

Fixing up Colin’s bedroom has given me a bit more “insight” into parenting boys. I’ve tried in various ways to include him in this whole process. As a mom, it’s important to me to have a special place for my boys to call their own. However, the reality is, Colin truely doesn’t seem to care about things like paint color, bedding, and accessories! Who would have thought????:)


My questions are usually met with a response of a shrug of the shoulders, slight grunt, and a half-hearted, “Sure, Mom, whatever you do will be fine.”
I chose red as his accent color because that’s the color of t-shirts he likes to wear. The neutral color on the wall will enable us to change up that accent in case of the event that he actually decides he has a favorite color.
But, I’ve gotten a real chuckle out of some of his comments:
“It’s o.k. Mom. You really don’t have to keep making my bed all fancy-like.” If he was given his way, his “preferred look” would be this:



But my favorite by far was our dicussion about lighting. I explained to him that I had set up a nice lamp for him on his bedside table so he could read before bed. Then he could easily shut off the light without having to get out of bed again.


His response? Again, a sort of a grunt and half-hearted agreement.


A few days later I discovered his long blow-dart thingy on the floor.
“Now, what’s this doing here again?” I asked. “I just put it away nicely in your closet.”
“Oh,” he exclaimed, with some form of excitement, “that’s what I use to reach my lightswitch from bed when I’m ready to turn out the light!”


So much for my nice lamp idea…:)

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