Free Frame TV Art

Turn any tv into a “trendy” frame tv with this amazing frame tv art from YouTube! Choose the one that fits your style and decor best.

Our adult kids have informed us multiple times that a frame tv (affiliate link) would look so much nicer in our space.

We don’t disagree at all -but, we’re not currently interested in footing the bill for a swanky flat frame tv that hangs from our wall like a luxury piece of art!

Instead, we’re happy as two little clams sitting on our LaZboy sofa every night watching season after season of When Calls the Heart or Hallmark Christmas movies! (I may enjoy them a tad bit more than my husband.;))

But, I discovered something the other day that changed everything. Did you know you can turn any tv into a “frame tv” with free frame tv art from YouTube? Mind. Blown.

Frame tv art displayed on a small tv in a living room

I realize our little tv doesn’t fit the scale of the space like tvs in magazines do, but look at it up there. It’s displaying some vintage art that I found on YouTube! Isn’t that the coolest?

Why are frame tvs so popular?

Frame tvs appeal to many people for 2 reasons:

  1. They fit flat up against the wall – saving space and being less intrusive in a room.
  2. You can project a picture on them so it looks like art instead of a blank black tv when it’s not in use.

Many people like to place their tv above a mantle, and a frame tv is a beautiful way to have both the function of a tv and the beautiful asthetic of art!

Now, it’s fun for those of us who don’t have an “official” frame tv to have a hack so we can enjoy pretty art on our tvs, too.

Here’s how to do that:

How to Use Free Frame TV Art

  1. If you have a tv system that has a native YouTube app, it’s so easy! Just click “apps” on your remote and select YouTube. Also, if you have a smart tv and a mobile device that will cast to the tv, choose the frame tv art you’d like to play from YouTube and cast it to the tv.
  2. You will want to note what the play time is for each tv art screensaver. Many are 2 hours, but I have seen them as long as 7 hours.
  3. You may have to wade through an advertisement at the beginning of the video. Just watch it until you can hit the “skip ad” button.
  4. If the play time for your free frame tv art is just a few hours, I recommend also setting your tv to mute. I failed to do that and as I was working quietly at home by myself, it scared me half to death when suddenly the tv started blaring loudly!! (tee hee)

Frame TV Art for Fall

I’ve selected some beautiful options for frame tv art for Fall. Have fun picking the one that fits perfectly with your style!

More Fall Decorating Ideas:

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