2023 Hallmark Movie Christmas Party Game Ideas- Fun for the Whole Family

Celebrate the Christmas season with friends & family with these fun Hallmark movie Christmas party game ideas – fun for all ages!

The other night-somewhere between “Christmas at Cranberry Lane” and “Don’t Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater” – I had a sudden thought.

“Wouldn’t a Hallmark movie Christmas party game night be fun?!”

I told my husband, and before you know it, we had ideas gallore – and were laughing ourselves silly!

If you aren’t familiar with Hallmark Christmas movies, let me fill you in.

They are slightly sappy romantic comedy (?) movies with predictable story lines, plenty of fake snow, a plethora of Christmas decor and always, always a happy ending!

And romance. With an awkward kiss at the end.:)

I’m a fan – along with many, many others.

If you haven’t discovered them yet, here’s where you can find the 2023 Hallmark Movie Schedule.

But, if you’re in Canada, you’ll soon be asking, “Where can I watch Hallmark movies in Canada?”

Up here, we have no Hallmark channel! But, the W Network has us covered with many of the same Hallmark Channel movies as are available in the US.

Now that you know where to watch the movies, let’s get started with some fun Christmas party game ideas!

Christmas Party Movie Games - Hallmark Christmas Movie Scavenger Hunt

Hallmark Movie Themed Christmas Party Game Ideas

Hallmark Movie Themed Dress Up Party

Part of the fun of Hallmark movies is that there is a “formula” for the cast members. Once you have a few Hallmark movies under your belt, you’ll understand what I mean.

Here are a few costume/ character options:

  • Grandma – dressed in a flour-covered apron baking Christmas cookies
  • Princess – dressed in a fancy gown ready for the Christmas Ball 
  • Prince – dressed in a suit or tux, ready to whisk his girl off to a Christmas Ball
  • Christmas Tree Farmer Employee – Dressed in jeans, plaid button down shirt, scarf, & hat
  • Town Mayor – Business casual 
  • Christmas gift shop owner – Business wear dress
  • The heroine – Red coat, scarf & hat, or red dress
  • Kids – dressed like they’re ready to head to school or a snowball fight in town square
  • Hero – Nice jeans, dress outdoor coat (like a wool trench coat), and plaid scarf
  • Any character – In a flannel pajama set with slippers sipping cocoa looking at the Christmas tree lights!

If you are planning this game as a part of a large event in a large space, you could have a special photo booth area set up to have guests take selfies as they arrive in costumes!

A Picture Perfect Christmas Hallmark Movie (Photo Source)

Hallmark Christmas Movie Relay Game

This idea will obviously need to be customized based on the space you are playing it it. However, the premise is this:

Create “stations” where each player needs to complete a specific task.

Party goers can either play as teams – racing against the other team – or timed and playing as an individual for the quickest time.

If playing this in a house with your family, I think it would be fun to have the stations in different rooms of the house – having players run from one room to the next for each step.

If it is played in a large room setting, it could be set up on long tables having 2 teams race against each other.

How to set up the Hallmark Christmas Movie Relay Game:

  1. At a table: Set a plate of plain sugar cookies with bowls and bags of different colors of icing beside it. The player must ice a Christmas cookie and place it on a cookie tray.
  2. In the kitchen: Write instructions on a recipe card for how to make a cup of hot chocolate. Beside it,  provide hot chocolate mix, water, mugs, spoons, marshmallows, and canned whip cream ready for them to use. The player must read the instructions and follow every step for making a perfect cup of hot chocolate. Set it on a hot chocolate tray. (If kids are playing, you might want to avoid the boiling water. They could instead make cold chocolate milk.)
  3. In a bedroom: Pile on the bed a variety of sizes of coats, scarves, mittens, and boots. Players must bundle up as if they are stuck in a blizzard in Alaska!
  4. By front door: Stack a pile of disposable containers or bowls ready to pick up quickly. Players must run outside (since they are bundled up for the cold!) and fill up the container with snow (ready for a snowball fight?) and leave it outside the front door. If you live in a space where there is no snow, the task could be to take a cup of ice out of the freezer and leave the bowl in the sink.
  5. In the living room: Provide a box of tangled battery operated Christmas fairy lights. The player must untangle a strand and place it around a small Christmas tree or Christmas ornament.
  6. In the living room: Place a bowl of wrapped Hershey kisses on the coffee table. Have players unwrap the kiss and eat it! (Cause every Hallmark movie ends in a kiss!)
  7. The finish line: The player must ring a jingle bell and he is finished!

How to play the Hallmark Christmas Movie Relay Game:

Time each guest until they complete the Hallmark movie relay course. The one who completes it the fastest wins!

They could be rewarded with a fun little gift like a hot chocolate bomb with gift tag!

Play the Hallmark Movie Scavenger Hunt Game (with free printables)

If you’re planning a relaxing Christmas party evening, why not plan it around a Hallmark movie?  Set some frozen hot chocolate and rolled sugar cookies on the  table, have the guests or family put on some cozy slippers and settle in to play a fun Christmas movie scavenger hunt game. (details below)

Hallmark Movie Christmas Party Game Printable Scavenger Hunt Game Cards

How to prepare the scavenger hunt game:

Print off the free printable scavenger hunt cards I’ve created by going to the VIP Printables Library and entering your password. If you don’t have a password yet, no problem! Just click the button below and join for instant access!

I’d recommend printing the cards on cardstock for more durability, or print on regular printer paper and put each sheet into a clipboard.

Provide each guest with a scavenger hunt card and pen or marker.

How to play the Hallmark movie scavenger hunt game:

As you watch a Hallmark Christmas movie together, each person looks for the items on his or her scavenger hunt card. Once it appears in the movie, they can mark it off as “found”! Each card is different, so it is really by chance who wins!

The winner could get a fun little Christmas gift – like this hot chocolate bomb or fireside coffee mix.

For more Hallmark movie fun:

Check out these fun Christmas movie themed books you can get on Amazon! (They are affiliate links)

  • Countdown to Christmas – Get behind the scenes insider information on how Hallmark Christmas movies are filmed, favorite recipes they use, and much more.

For more fun Christmas party games and ideas, you might want to check out:

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  1. I love this Rita!! So fun 😊 I will be doing this with my young adult children (can’t wait to see their faces 🤣) Thanks so much for sharing 💗

  2. We love Christmas Hallmark movies! I have these 2 books, The Cozy Christmas Movie Cookbook from Holly Carpenter and Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas by Caroline McKenzie and it is all about these movies! Recipes that they eat in those movies, behind the scenes stuff etc. So fun! Your game sounds like the perfect accompaniment for getting in the Christmas spirit! Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for those book tips. I had no idea and was so excited to hear about them, input them in the post! What a great gift idea!

  3. Rita, you and your husband really brought out your creative juices for that amazing
    game! Maybe players could get extra points if the can name what Canadian city
    the actors came from. Like that beauty in the photo – Born in Whistler BC.
    Its fun too to see where the films were actually made.


  4. Amiga Rita me encanta esta idea 💡 ! Vi casi todas las películas 🎥 este Diciembre espero disfrutarlo con mis hijos y nietos , saludos 🖖🏻

  5. Hi Rita

    We love watching Hallmark movies every year! My friend in Victoria is going to be an extra on one of the movies that is coming out this year. So exciting!

    1. Hi Rene, I’m so glad you share my love for watching Hallmark Christmas movies. It’s a dream of mine to be an extra someday, too. How fun is that!! Happy Christmas movie watching!!

  6. I printed off the hallmark game last year and watched a movie with my daughters. We had a blast! I had prizes.
    (I cheated and had a prize for everyone.😊 They didn’t know that while we were playing the game.)

    1. Hi Tracy, Thanks so much for sharing how you played the Hallmark movie game with your daughters. I love your idea of surprising them all with prizes at the end. What a great idea!

  7. My teen daughter and Mom live to watch hallmark Christmas movies so I’ll be printing the scavenger hunts cards for them (and me,too). Plus I’m in a MOPS group and the relay game would be fun for our December meeting. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Michelle, Oh, yay! I’m so glad you’re looking forward to playing the Hallmark movie scavenger hunt. And, playing the Christmas movie relay game at your group meeting sounds like a hoot! Have loads of fun.

  8. These are so fun! I want to convince my family to try them at Christmas but if not, a girls night will get the job done.

    1. Hi Mikaelae, You just might be surprised who you can convince to play the Hallmark movie games… One woman told me her husband normally doesn’t watch Hallmark movies, but he’s so competetive that once she brought out the printable scavenger hunt cards he was ALL IN!!:) Happy Hallmark Christmas movie watching!;)

  9. My daughter and I played the scavenger hunt game all Holiday Hallmark season last year. We are super competitive and this was a blast! Can’t wait to play again this year. Oh, and I sent them to my folks in their 80s and they loved playing too. Bring on the new season! Thanks Rita and Big E!

    1. Hi Kris, Oh, I’m so glad to hear how much fun you’ve had playing the Hallmark Christmas games. And, it melts my heart that your folks love them, too. Happy Hallmark movie watching!!:)

  10. Printed these off two years ago when you posted. My hubby gave me that look, not an eye roll but you know the look.
    But, he’s competitive… so it didn’t take long for the games to begin.

  11. I am sure this has got to be my favourite post from HBH. I am going to watch some of the movies, the ones that are on before bedtime. lol
    Have you found any Hallmark fall movies in Canada? I have not been able to fine any and I want to add at least 1 fall movie to my fall bucket list.
    Thanks and hugs

  12. Hi Rita
    I am so glad you get to hopefully be in a movie! So exciting! A very good friend of mine lives in Victoria and was an extra in Hallmark movies the last couple years. Once you get in to be an extra, you are called throughout the year for other movies if you are interested. It will be so fun to see you in a movie! Yay!

  13. How fun! You should contact FrndlyTV to see if they have plans to offer their streaming service in Canada! Inexpensive way to get all the Hallmark channels, GAC and other family friendly programming. Signed, Sealed, Delivered is my fav Hallmark series and they have an awesome Christmas movie that was shot in Vancouver!

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