How to “Get Fit” When You Detest Exercise

“It’s better to be fit and fat, than fat and not fit”

As soon as the doctor uttered the words, he quickly laughed and said, “not that I should ever say the word fat…”

We laughed, but the message was clear.

Doctor’s orders:

“Get fit” and lose a little weight.

Oh, bother.

Of all the things in this world I like to do, “getting fit” isn’t one of them.  And trying to figure out how to “lose a little weight”? The thought just makes me want to stick my head under my pillow and take a nap.

However, pain is a good motivating factor, and I was motivated. By the time I had the “getting fit” conversation, I had been living with stomach pain for over a month. It wasn’t horrendous, but annoying and constant. I’ve dealt with digestion issues for much of my life, but this was something new and a bit worrisome.

I went through a whole battery of tests that all came back fine. But, I needed to “get fit”, apparently!:)

I walked out the door knowing I needed to make a few lifestyle changes in the health & fitness department.

Extremes have never worked for me in the past.  I didn’t need to go gluten, dairy, sugar or anything else-“free”. (Thank heavens!)

I did however, want to take steps that would improve my overall health in the long-term.

My game plan began with Pinterest. I started pinning recipes, exercises, and articles on the topic. While on that pinning spree, I came across the idea of infused water.

I’d never heard of it, but it appealed to me. One article suggested that some combinations of infused water improved digestion issues and decreased appetite. I’m no health expert, but I thought I’d give it a whirl.

The first step was to march into Starbucks and buy myself a big ol’ fancy cup ~ like the one all the “cool kids” have.:)

infused water2 ps

Each morning, I fill it up with ice water along with a few slices of strawberries and lime.

fruit infused water ~ helps suppress appetite

I tell you what: I love it! It’s so pretty, and yummy, and I drink way more water than I ever have before.

The other thing I’ve been working on is going for a walk almost every day. We’re discovering beautiful walking routes all over town. My favorite one takes us up and around until we turn a corner and see this:

water scene ps

{The island you see with the lighthouse is the island we used to live on.}

quadra ps

I still can’t get over how beautiful it is…

Today is a holiday here in Canada. We’re packing a lunch and heading off to explore a new walking trail.

This “getting fit” thing is {maybe even} becoming kinda fun.

And, I’m happy to report, these small steps have already shown results. No, I haven’t lost weight. But, I don’t have pain in my stomach anymore! (Yeah!)

fruit infused water ~ helps suppress appetite

PS: Along with this new blog design (do you like it?), I just started something else new ~ Instagram! I’m still learning it, but am having lots of fun and would love to have you follow me there. And, if you’re like me and looking for healthy recipes, this simple summer supper combination is one we’re pulling out often these days. Hallelujah for barbecuing weather!:)

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  1. MMM–I think I need to try the fruit infused water! I know I don’t drink enough and I can see where that would make it much more appealing! I’m now in the “over 50” age group and it seems like losing weight gets harder! What a beautiful view you have on your walks!

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